Biohazard Cleanup

Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup


Biohazard cleanup in the crime scene cleanup field means something like this: county employees have an iron grip over biohazard cleanup as understond on this page. That is, when it comes to homicide, suicide, unattended death, and decomposition cleanup, coroner and public guardian employees control which companies victims' families must choose between.









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Biohazard Cleanup Prices - Origins of Biohazard Cleanup


Edward Jenner -


The Germ Theory of Disease -



Orange County employees cheat victims' families. Some of your county's employees may do the same, but a fraction of your county's employees are corrupt. Coroner's Employees enjoy a monopoly over death cleanup at tax payer's and victims' families expense.





A very small number of Orange County, California employees control after death cleanup business. They monopolize this type of biohazard cleanup by their employment position. They have first contact or close to first contact with families.


Families must respond to coroner and public guardian directions. We call these "postmortem" contacts. Families must work with a small number of these employees corrupted by the many tens-of-thousands of dollars in biohazard cleanup. These employees merly direct victims' families to select biohazard cleanup companies. One biohazard cleanup company owner works for the Orange County Fire Department.


More employees probably own their own crime scene cleanup company. So much money becomes available for this typs of cleaning becauses of homeowners insurance and the rush to grab it. Truth, fact, and integrity become extinct among offending civil servants. Families receive misinformation..


Biohazard Cleanup Prices


The cost of biohazard cleanup throughout our United States remains high. I attribute the illicit monopolies ran by local government employees for these artificial prices. Plus, we have wealthy biohazard cleanup companies payhing 10% finder's fees to civil servants. The more companies charge their unsuspecting families and business,es the higher the finder's fee.


In our Orange County Government there is little interest in ending this biohazard cleanup fraud. I suspect it is the same elsewhere. Although I believe that New Jersey continues to have honest civil servants, but this is more guess than fact. My telephone calls from that area continue, hence my belief.


Origins of Biohazard Cleanup


Now let me go into the origins of biohazard cleanup. It's been going on for over 200 years, more-or-less.




Edward Jenner


Edward Jenner became the first to use vaccination for preventing smallpox. In the 18th century to facts led him to develop his vaccination process to protect people from smallpox. Basically, he put two and two together and came up with a solution for stopping the small box play in its tracks. Layering strike that Lady Mary whirly Montesquieu cheered from mission about how the Turks treated themselves to ward off this deadly disease. Montague related that people incorrectly scratched themselves with a small amount cost taken from people who had a mild case of smallpox.



So what we happier is a case where the people in Turkey learn to self inoculate against play, smallpox in this case. Jenner while the example implied the scientific method improving the process for halting the spread of smallpox. Jenner can see that a better method of protecting people had to be found. He knew that farmers and milkmaids sometimes contracted a disease called cowpox from their barriers. Like smallpox, cowpox causes symptoms of the disease for the formation of smallpox. But unlike smallpox, cowpox is very mild disease.


It does not cause death to most people. Jenner notice that those who work with towels had good complexions. He figured that they had an immunity to smallpox that they had acquired from infection with cowpox. Jenner came up with a hypothesis. Now he put it to the test. Use paths from the hands of milk may. They then found a global-year-old schoolboy. And then he scratched the boys in and applied the class from the milkmaid pustules. Then adding another step to the scientific method, this generous scientists trying to infect the Royal smallpox. Your realized that he had found a way to halt the spread smallpox when the little boy did not develop smallpox. Jenner's procedure became known as vaccination. Rocco, is the Latin word for tell.


Not only was this a powerful indication of vaccinations promised for humanity, it also helped set the stage for more sophisticated scientific methods applied to human health. Applying real-world observation and experimentation to five life-threatening diseases the state was now set. We must keep in mind that the germ theory of disease have yet to make its way into the general population.


About 50 years later in London cholera outbreak caused massive diarrhea and dehydration. Contaminated drinking water has led to this outbreak and a doctor by the name of John Snow committed himself to understanding out cholera spreads.


Snow publishes hypothesis: transmission in drinking water in 1849. Though it had the slightest interest in snows hypothesis. He was way out of the mainstream medicine. Now one cholera deadheading limit came during the third cholera pandemic, which lasted from 1846 until 1863, so was anxious to test his theory.


Fortunately for John's hypothesis medicine this cholera outbreak as well centered in the Broad Street area of London. Beginning on August 31, 1853, approximately 500 people died in this area within 10 days. Now snow found a pattern of the disease. Snow found that victims had used water from the same public water pump.


Now follows an incident in which medicine advises public policy. After much debate snow finally managed to convince any officials to remove the handle from the pump. The idea here is the cause people to use another well. Unfortunately, people were so scared of what was going on the floor of the city. Snow did not have a clear victory because his numbers were too small. So then died in 1866 without proving his hypothesis.


But later a William Farr who work for the government Lincoln outbreak of cholera to the drinking water based on snows hypothesis. He traces water hypothesis DuPont polluted by sewage. When he shut off the supply water, the cholera epidemic ended. Finally snows hypothesis was proving and convinced others that his hypothesis is correct. Snow and wind had had done something new. They had combined medicine with surveys and correlated their data with the local geography correctly demonstrate how cholera transmissions occur. This is an early example of epidemiology. Now we find it epidemiology has become the most effective branch of medicine in many cases of public health.


Here in the United States in early group epidemiologist from hospitals treated six sailors and six passengers now I Marine Hospital service of relevance to serve as a network of hospitals to service passengers and crews on ships.


Now the doctors, nurses, and other staff or expert at cataloging diseases and tracing their origins. Early in the 20th century are Congress created the public health and Marine Hospital service to replace the Marine Hospital service. Finally this name became the public health service. Research, food and drug regulation, medical relief following natural or man-made disasters became the public health services mission. Cities like New York would create their own public health service.


We find here then, an example how government works to serve a population without promise of profit. Another example of such an agency was the communicable disease Center that later became known as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1946, the epidemic intelligence service roads. One of their duties required that investigators from the Centers for Disease Control travel outside the United States. From the center and others in the United States we found the causes to the hot providers, for example.




The germ theory of disease


Louis Pasteur (1822-95) leave the microorganisms might be parasites, living within other creatures and plants and causing disease. He was not the first to hold such a belief. Past year had adequate microscopes to study microorganisms. He learned about bacteria and protozoa, he learned about their their lives and how they reproduce. We also learned how they were meant about moving.


Ask your save France's wine industry by identifying bacteria causing whaling breaks and wine. He showed that a gentle heating would help to destroy harmful bacteria. This is where the term pasteurization arose, after Pasteur. He then went about showing how you could eliminate germs that were killing France's silkworms. Silkworms are not to be taken lightly in France. They provided for a large chunk of the French economy.



One day pasture would publish a series that many of our diseases resulting from microbial invaders. Scientists accepted this theory. Now Pasteur was a widely respected man and scientists. His careful research, his careful methodology, produce and reproduce experimental results of world renown. In his works he helped improve the germ theory of disease.



A German physician by the name of Robert Koch (1843-1910) show the world how microbes cause anthrax, tuberculosis, and cholera. He used meticulous planning methodology improving his results. Now competition between Koch and pastor arose. Medical science benefited. Both the child how cholera can be isolated study. Both rush to Egypt later on when a powerful epidemic of cholera attacked many people. Test your group of assistance contracted cholera.


Famous for his precision and scientific matters, Koch would later he had for India and study cholera and Indian subcontinent recall was heavily indebted.




Deeper insights in the micro save lives in the mid-19th century when the number of physicians began warning her colleagues about spreading disease. Today in crime scene cleanup biohazard cleanup practitioners call this "cross-contamination." Anytime were involved in biohazard cleanup we must be aware that cross-contamination occurs even when we pay the strictest attention to her cleaning efforts.

Puerperal disease, fever that is, seem to follow childbirth infections. The disease would infect both child and mother. One theory was that the disease was the result of the stress of childbirth. Both pain and loss of blood help to account for purpura was thought


Soon a German-Hungarian physician named Maoists practice medicine in the Vienna General Hospital. It turned out that the maternity ward had two divisions. Both were identical in every way except for the staff. Investigating the death of an individual who had died from an infected mom left now investigate your puerile fever. At this time in medical science many clotheslines held power over the advancing medical science. So supervisors at the hospital were against investigating the cause of her puerile fever.


As it turned out now found that many of the per puerile patients suffer infections. Now discovered that by looking to the higher mortality of trained doctors, he could come up with some interesting results. One division did use trained midwives. Student doctors were another division and they went directly from dissecting room to the delivery room without washing. They examine cadaverous infected by puerperal fever. I cross-contamination they referred this disease that person to an individual giving birth. It seems ironic that no biohazard cleanup occurred between the data in the living of birth.


Before long now had changed the infection rate from one in five to about one and 100. The logic was inescapable. Supervisors can say nothing because he was saving lives. His results were at first very controversial. People fear for their careers and thought that this new way of doing medicine was threatening.


Then in 1861, Mel published his own text on the disease. We call this the etiology, concept and prophylaxis, of childbirth fever. And he spent several years defending his work. He died in 1865, just about the start of the American Civil War. His work was further vindicated though. Joseph Lister (1827-1912), a British physician and surgeon and learn about pastors germ theory. He decided to see if he could decrease deaths during and after surgery. You can see how all of this ongoing scientific research would benefit soldiers wounded in the American Civil War. Biohazard cleanup is going to find itself to American shores to help the war wounded.


Lister began spraying the area in his operating room with a fineness of carbolic acid. This harsh chemical was strong enough to kill microbes without harming his patients. He also had surgical instruments placed in diluted solutions of carbolic acid. His assistants were then told to wear clean aprons. Surgical gloves and other means of protecting the hands from microbes were used.




Handwashing became a regular routine. Lister said that surgeon to the hospital could not wear body close from previous operation. They could not reuse instruments without sterilizing them.

But when you know that before long numbers of the dead dramatically reduce because hearing. Raising doubts in the hospital antiseptic surgery had cut the dance number down. Now mounted use a milder chemical to kill germs during childbirth. He was correct when he warned doctors Dr. infections and to their operating rooms and sick patients. The idea of a aseptic surgery began to grow worldwide. And made it harder for infectious diseases to enter operating rooms.

Inexplicable among many.




Besides carbolic acid other chemical weapons would rise in the fight against microbes.


Pasture germ theory created benefits that will grow and continue to multiply: exposing microbes as one cause infectious disease, many researchers learned that they needed to identify the enemy number fighting. How infections had a specific cause. They could be isolated and studied. It was easier now for medical science to finding Kelly's microbes. What is microbes have been come to plague humanity, they now fell to the wayside as victims of biohazard cleanup.


Remember coach, he knew that in order to see microbes that dies would help to expose them. Sometimes he found that he would look through microorganisms rather than at them. He discovered that a diet created from coal tar made the organisms visible. Culture was a creating man and the great scientist. We'll much to him.


Methylene blue turned out to be useful for killing plasmodium, a protozoan that causes malaria. A German bacteriologist by the name of Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915) made this discovery. You notice the diet attached itself to indent nerve cells. He thought that useful of the painkiller for people with severe arthritis in a proper amount to kill nerve cells, it might have other uses. You deserve to that too much injected into human body would kill off kidney cells. Fortunately in the fight against malaria, the amount of methylene blue required was not damaging.




In 1891 Ehrlich David died to patients. Both had a formal malaria in both were care. This was an important breakthrough in modern science. This was the first time that a synthetic drug kill a specific disease. Now patients with a killer infection could be saved from a synthetic drug created for a specific disease.


The sleeping sickness was also a problem in Ehrlich attack that problem with his same scientific method. Cause my parasite that is transmitted by a bite of an infected PC supplies, Ehrlich County assistance test hundreds of substances in an effort to find a procedure for treating someone infected with the parasite. The parasite, called Baz also, did not relent under the attack of the many different chemicals Ehrlich crime.

Then Ehrlich learned that he had a friend trying to kill same disease. He learned that parasites, a family long, thin, spiral bacteria were responsible for syphilis. Ehrlich decided to try attacking the syphilis microorganisms.




Using arsenic compound that he had tried for the sleeping sickness. A Japanese scientist name octet, tested the compounds that Ehrlich and his assistants have developed. The achieve success with compound number 606, which killed this parasite without apparent harm to the lab animals infected.


This new drug compound 606 consisted of an arsenic poison painful to those who were injected with. Still, it be living with syphilis. Saunderson became the name of the new drug in its name means "saved by arsenic" in Greek.


But there was more going on than meets the eye, Ehrlich had many of the German cultures proclivity for keeping records. In this he did with the use of Saunderson. He His own record of each dose on sharks inscribed inside the doors of his bookcases. He also insists not having a sample of each batch of the drug central laboratory. This assistance but then test these drugs for unwanted materials. Good biohazard cleanup requires such follow-up procedures with good record-keeping. Soured some proved a great success. And by his willingness to continue to collect information about this rugby learned a lot. We now do the same with all our drugs and weekend.

When Ehrlich and done was it found that the science of chemotherapy.Elaborate record-keeping allowed scientists to follow-up studies similar to the ones that Ehrlich and created. By identifying drugs, diseases drugs treated effectively, by measuring dosages, by replicating results, researchers were enabled to compare drugs, identify improved drugs, and throw out the less effective drugs.


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