Crime scene cleanup employment doesn't exist for most people. It's a racket. They steal your money and families' money. Read on.

County and city employees pretty well control crime scene cleanup work. They send families to their own crime scene cleanup companies.

There are no crime scene cleanup jobs. People will tell you anything to cheat you.


Do not spend your money on crime scene cleanup training. It's a racket.

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Learn to learn and turn-off that stupid boob tube. READ EVERYTHING.

Someone needs to tell the truth so that those seeking employment and peace of mind find a rational relationship to humanity. Hence, I'll play truth giver in an otherwise cruel and heartless world.

There are no crime scene cleanup jobs. If someone told you there are many jobs in crime scene cleanup, you were lied to. For those very few who find work in crime scene cleanup, they also do water damage restoration, or such work.

For the very few who do full-time crime scene cleanup work, their employer remains in business by way of county or city cronyism, welfare. There are no companies out there with full-time crews doing this type of work. Unless they receive county or city referrals. This is bad. They are no good.

Go to school. Go to community college. Study nursing. Study auto mechanics.


Before calling for crime scene cleanup employment, DON'T! If you insist on calling go the crime scene cleanup school. There are no crime scene cleanup jobs. Do not pay someone lots of money to train you as a crime scene cleanup technician so that you can find a big paying job.

This is the type of business that people create, like a carpet cleaning business, like a water damage and restoration business, like any other small business ran by families. In the future corporations will have their way with crime scene cleanup, but not yet.

You will find plenty of pictures and cleaning information right here at crime scene cleanup if you really want to get into the crime scene cleanup business. Save your money and start your crime scene cleanup education. It's not about products, it's about skill in cleaning and disinfecting blood soaked areas. Visit for cleaning information.

Read about cronyism in crime scene cleanup to learn more.


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