This michigan crime scene cleanup web site seeks to explain crime scene cleanup in broader terms than found elsewhere. As a crime scene cleanup web site, it seeks justice from perpetrators, crony free government, and a scientific approach to biohazard cleanup. Crime scene cleanup entails biohazard removal following homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and other blood cleanup tasks. This web site also leads in the fight against local government corruption in death administration. Read about local government corruption in Orange County, California. Our crime scene cleanup directory seeks to help families and businesses find information.

Michigan Crime Scene Cleanup

Homicide - Suicide - Unattatnded Death Cleanup






Dedicated to those families first victimized by murder or suicide or both; then victimized by their county coroner or administration employees' referral scams.

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A partial solution to local government corruption:


Do not accept referrals to private companies from county employees.

County Board of Supervisors


Place signs in county offices open to the public. Inform against asking for referrals. On a coroner's form, add a checkbox confirming that respective families read the county's policy on employee referrals. This helps to protect families and honest employees from dishonest employees in blood cleanup matters.

Local government employees monopolize crime scene cleanup, especially some sheriff-coroner's employees.  Those with crime scene cleanup contacts are probably chislers. Government employee referred companies screw grieving families.

See the facts

"Facts are such silly little things." "Don't be afraid to see what you see." Ronald Reagan

Crime Scene Cleanup Schools

It's more than over the top for our local government employees to cheat grieving families. But that's not all. We've got so-called "crime scene cleanup schools." These "trainers" cheat unemployed people out of the little money they have. It's hopeless when county employees keep their monopoly over crime scene cleanup. If it were otherwise I would know. I own Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup and Crime Scene Cleanup Directory. I also happen to own and use the domain for crime scene cleanup training.

If any one were to know about corruption all around crime scene cleanup, it would be me, but others know too. I'm the one person "throwing dirt" at the unethical government employees and crime scene cleanup schools.


Beware of civil servants.


Government employees cannot legally order families to use cleaning companies. Meanwhile, cities and counties order families to use professional cleaners at their own expense. Where's their authority to make such demands? It's an unfair, unethical, government monopoly and a racket.

Author fingers Orange County's employee corruption.

It's easy as pie: A " law-enforcement official who was launching Orange County Crime Scene Cleaners . . . . ". The Dead Janitors Club - - See my review.

See graphic of How Crime Scene Cleanup Works. See my crime scene cleanup book response. I'm too fat and too old not to write something, anything.



Government Controlled Crime Scene Cleanup

Government controlled crime scene cleanup occurs when civil servants break their conflict of interest pledge. Employees pledge not to seek or take part in self-enrichment through their government employment. Currently, local government employees break this pledge with their business connections. Now, generalize from comments below to local governments. I use Orange County, California because it's where I live. Because here I have tons of proof. It's here where I find government employees hiding their conflicts of interest while misguiding the public. They've created a fire-wall of lies, misinformation, and utter madness to line their own pockets.

Governments have a duty to show, to prove that their employees have no way to abuse their conflict of interest pledge. This showing proof must become a common expectation if citizens can ever hope to rid our country of local government corruption. Transparency belongs in government first, feeling warm and fuzzy about employees comes later. Trust is nice; accountability is real.

Government Employee Corruption (Reward vs. Risks): On an ongoing basis while under color of authority, 1. government employees commit conflicts of interest; 2. create monopolies in restraint of trade; 3. organize personal, government, and victims' resources for personal gain in an illegal enterprise; 4. cause an institutionalization of criminal conduct, 5. and create inter-generational fraud against victims of homicide, suicide, and unattended death. It sounds like RICO to me, Mr. DA.

"How is it," I ask myself, that Orange County's grieving families do not reach the Internet for crime scene cleanup help? Because some government employees send them to their own or favored companies. It's that easy. No competition exists. Hence, "government crime scene cleanup," a monopoly, arose to conquer free-enterprise in Orange County and many other counties. It's about a government supported plutocracy crushing meritocracy. If you were raised under the American flag, you must object to this fraud against grieving families.

Families Victimized Twice

In this way, families in need of professional biohazard cleaning for homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup become victims a second time. In three steps government victimizes family victims:

  1. A family first victimized by a violent death among them reports to government authorities as ordered;
  2. A family reports to one or more "authorized" cleaning companies as directed.
  3. A family now becomes victimized a second time and by its own government.

Do we or these families really know if they even need a cleaning company? I doubt it. Where's it written that a family cannot cleanup blood of one of its family members? Where's it written that government authorities have the power and authority to order families use professional cleaning services?

Now, unleash the Internet's advertising power. Find that my dominating presence on Orange County's death cleanup pages has no competitors in any meaningful terms.

By simply placing a city and keyword in a search box, readers easily find the truth of the matter. Keep in mind that I refer to "organic" listings displayed, not pay-per-click at the very top of the page. Most pay-per-click are either out of county companies or Orange County government employee related. These pay-per-click spaces are easy enough to own. Simply pass charges onto unsuspecting clients. It doesn't matter though. Advertisers know that Orange County's grieving families do not reach the Internet. Civil servant crooks organize family members and various department employees as brokers to ensure grieving families do not approach the Internet for "quotes."

Why advertise? Here's why. An Orange County employee owns a lucrative, conflict-of-interest crime scene cleanup company. An advertising campaign gives some appearance of propriety. A high profile advertising campaign glosses over insider dealings. Otherwise, how does one explain a robust company in a monopolized field without insider information? So a big advertising budget helps to cover your crooked steps on victims' backs. This strategy serves well those who would serve others less.


Orange County Probate Court (See signed document by infamous employee.)

Spouses, cousins, the entire nepotism game comes to play in the house of our administration employees. Hand-in-hand from Orange County Probate Courts' doors, public guardian employees help generate death cleanup profits from court referred customers. Profits trickle down from probate court proceedings through county supported buildings, to insiders, Wall Street like:

  1. Administration employees -- public guardian employees,
  2. Orange County departments, including fire, sheriff, coroner,
  3. Biohazard cleanup companies,
  4. Attorneys,
  5. Real estate agents,
  6. General contractors.

Innocently enough, our probate court's grand justices dispense employee defrauders onto an unsuspecting, grieving public. From our probate department as well as our coroner's department, we find fraud deeply entrenchment into bureaucratic fortress building. We find fire-walls where we should expect one-hundred percent transparency. We find employees coached to evade questions. We find insiders getting rich on a grieving public. "Not enough victims" to make a difference, for the Orange County DA, to quote an official document. (Read on, tax payer.)

While on our government's payroll, these dirt-bags pry into grieving families life savings or life insurance. And Americans poke fun at Tijuana's corruption!

Activity Reward Risk Outcome
Corrupt County Employees High Reward Low Risk Civil Service Protection
Banking High Reward No Risk To big to fail.
Foot Soldier Low Reward High Risk Death/Injury
Stoop Labor Low Reward Low Risk Unknown

My crime scene cleanup blog offers information. There's information about political criminality for my writing chores. Some information shows how media responds to capital's desires. I hope to see our media freed from capital's clutches. Only a free press is good enough for our United States. I'm posting a crime scene cleanup directory in this effort. Ditto my Los Angeles crime scene cleanup directory in my continuing efforts exposing corruption in county governments' employee corruption. Furthermore, in the interest of Texas crime scene cleanup, which we need because of wildfires consuming the equivalent of area equal to Connecticut recently, I submit my efforts for the forthcoming week.

As times change so too does our biohazard service. We've added a Anaheim crime scene cleanup page will soon offer more of this type of information.

California crime scene cleanup works much like this web page, but it does focus on California. Likewise with Maryland and New York; both of these states have unique histories and their place in our nation's crime scene cleanup past. Neither remained intact to this date with indigenous people, fauna or flora because of European immigrants. Crime scene cleanup took on a European future in both.

Biohazards in Crime Scene Cleanup

To answer the questions, "How do biohazards exist in the crime scene cleanup business?", a few short lines will do. All blood in the following conditions constitute biohazards.

  • Wet blood,
  • Moist blood,
  • Dry flaky blood

Wet blood exists as a biohazard because it has a potential to host and pass on bloodborne pathogens, deadly germs. Injecting or otherwise causing inoculation from bloodborne pathogens raises the biohazard risk.

Moist blood may also cause inoculation of bloodborne pathogens through a direct or accidental inoculation.

Flake blood exists as a biohazard because its potential to become an airborne biohazard; I've yet to hear of anyone injured in this manner, but the Center for Disease Control (CDC) does caution against flake blood. Possible inoculation by eye contact becomes a hazard.

In general, if bloodborne pathogens in exposited blood present as great a risk as some crime scene cleanup schools owners say, crime scene cleaners deserve over $100 per hour. As crime scene cleaning goes, few company owners would ever pay fees commensurate with the biohazards they predict on job sites.

Just the same, any object capable of releasing blood when squeezed or otherwise compressed constitutes a biohazard.



County Government Cronyism

Just like Moscow, Tijuana, and Washington DC, county governments have their cronyism, too. I use Orange County, California's sheriff-coroner and public administrator's cronyism for my examples.

Without common decency, a few county employees reflect the worse criminal conduct in government employment. Given an opportunity, they will mislead bereaved families. They send these families to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. Companies in the business of paying kickbacks for these opportunities to cheat families. At times, these employees own the corrupt company. The depravity of cronyism in coroner, medical examiner, county administrator office, and fire departments exceeds drug dealers criminality. They, at least, do not nurse on our government's tax payers.

Also, people who buy from drug dealers have a choice. Victims of county cronyism have no choice. County employees ensure victims' families enrich corruption employees. After all, these employees ware badges, stinking badges.

We have a war on drugs, silence about cronyism.

 Cronyism's Signs

Do people in Orange County still use the Internet?


A Disconnect

By reading this piece the reader will understand that a disconnect exists between Orange County's grieving residents on the one hand, and free enterprise cleaning companies on the other hand. County employees direct these families away from free enterprise, the open market for crime scene cleaners.

I'd have more business than I could possibly handle if families reached the Internet. I suppose that I would need two warehouses for equipment, too. Families guided by county employees ensure that honest companies receive little to zero business. This goes on year after year.

Visit this Orange County Consumer Fraud page for more information.

Cronyism's Signs

A high Internet marketing footprint returns few or no local calls for cleaning service -- my experience.


When a double homicide and suicide occur, or other type of multiple, violent deaths, high price tags lead to county employee competition for these choice cleaning jobs. This becomes an administrator employee's golden goose when they land an Orange County Probate Court assignment. See Mr. Mull's incriminating comments for proof of misleading directions. I do not receive opportunities to bid on these, ever.



County employees, including county fire and law enforcement personnel play a role in this. A violent homicide, violent suicide, or decomposition following an unattended death cleanup comes with high price tags when the homes belong to middle-class families. Three-car garages tip off cronies to high profit, low-risk insurance fraud possibilities. At times in Orange County, and probably other counties, husband and wife crony teams gang up on bereaved families. There's no way for these families to learn that their county contacts are using them as commodities to sell corrupt claiming companies.

What about local government employees?

The number of crony employees working in any county government department must remain a fraction of the employee population. The more employees aware of cronyism, the greater the risk of exposure. Besides, the more in the know, the more with their hands out for a payoff.

County employees "circle the wagons" when an imagined threat from outside their cubicles threatens the status-quo. Most working adults have a sense for this pride in place.

Also, new employees are at risk of intimidation by cronies with seniority, rank, and privilege. Older employees go-along-to-get-along.

In Orange County whistle blowers become "rats" in the midst of those they expose because few employees receive termination notices.

Last, I was assured by the Orange County Deputy Coroner that no consequences would be suffered by any employees caught giving preferential treatment to private companies.

This meant to me no risk attaches to cronyism in the coroner's office.

The point? We cannot trust county employees, top to bottom. Again, these dishonest employees represent a tiny fraction of our county employees. It takes only a few to turn government into an anti-democratic, social structure.

We face a future like third-world countries. Will anyone help stop this slide into crony capitalism? Michigan deserves better. Soon the Nebraska suicide cleanup page will cove more information about this issue. Information grows on these pages as it become available.

Eddie Evans

Crime Scene Cleanup

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