National Crime Scene Cleanup is a group made up of well-rounded, trained volunteers and professional crime scene cleaners, skilled and equipped to handle and dispose all biohazard wastes leaving the location spotless clean and safe for inhabitants. With years of experience in our background, our team can handle the worst case, as we are guided by the State’s Safety Regulations. We take our responsibilities as a trusted crime scene cleaners seriously and understand how critical our job is, as well as the reliability necessary for each and every cleanup task. Biohazard cleaning companies are crucial in proper sanitization and restoration of any residential or business trauma or death scene. They will safely remove any infectious diseases or odors using certified chemicals and equipment.

Crime Scene Cleaners

Our company has the correct licenses needed to offer our cleaning services nationwide. We also have an adequate level of insurance and are bonded. Each and every cleanup service that we complete is done so with an even higher standard than what OSHA, EPA and DEC requires. Your safety is in our experts’ hands and we are fully aware and qualified to help you in this time.

Professional Biohazard Cleaning Company

No one is free from pain and suffering in this life, but each and every one of us walks our own path and the path of our cleanup technicians lead them to help others, in a unique way. We do everything in our power to help lessen the time anyone that’s grieving or in shock has to deal with the aftermath of a trauma or other biohazard situation. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning it, restoration is best left to professional crime scene cleaners.

Our Cleanup Team

You may be asking yourself “Who would want to cleanup blood and other bio hazardous conditions?”… Our company of crime scene technicians is made up of people who are or have been EMTs, Firefighters, Military Personal, Law Enforcement and Medical Professionals that are accustom to blood as an everyday experience and what to relieve you of the painful duties often left after a crime, death or other biohazard occurrence.

Our trained and courteous professional crime scene technicians are standing by to help you, contact our experts with any questions or biohazard sanitation needs you may have any time at 1-844-255-2461.


NCSC strives to use technology to educate the public about crime scene cleanup company awareness and the hazard of cleaning crime scenes themselves, or the hiring of unqualified companies. We have many educational sources and media available all throughout the internet. Here are some examples of projects currently in the pipeline:


Crime Scene Cleanup VR

Safeguard: Interactive Crime Scene Cleanup Experience

360 Videos of Crime Scene Cleanup Dispatch