Asbestos: Dangers lurking in your Home

Asbestos has become widely popular across the nations after the World War II. However, after various studies carried out by many experts for long years, asbestos now falls into the hazardous building materials category. Some of the old buildings still have asbestos and asbestos abatement is a very serious task to handle.

Health hazards associated with asbestos usage

In fact, asbestos is not that harmful when they are in good condition. However, when the deterioration starts, the microfibers of asbestos becomes airborne and that is when the real problem starts. These fibers are hardly visible and they can easily enter the respiratory system though the air we inhale. Upon a vibration or a windy situation the spread of the fibers can be increased. Lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma are among the common health issues you would come across after inhaling asbestos contaminated air for long time.

Making things even worse, symptoms pertaining to these diseases may not even appear for many years. Moreover, recent studies show that the exposure to asbestos may trigger health issues such as breast, prostate, ovarian or laryngeal cancers.

Which method is better? DIY or hiring a professional service?

For obvious reasons, you need to hire a professional for asbestos abatement process. Handling hazardous building materials is not something you should do unless you have any experience and professional qualifications. Trying to remove asbestos without proper methodology will cause damages to the materials and eventually you and your neighbors will be exposed to more hazardous situation. A task like asbestos abatement demands special protective wear, safety precautions and equipment. After all, you shouldn’t compromise the safety of your family over some money.

Things to consider when hiring an asbestos contractor

Hiring the right kind of company is exceptionally important when you need to get rid of the asbestos. Here are some times to consider when finding the best out of the rest. Make sure to obtain any special permission if necessary (this may depend on the law of the state). Also, make sure that you don’t let anyone enter the area until the work is completed.

  • Start by doing the comparisons. You need to check for the licensed cleaning company that has previous experience in the same industry. You should be wise enough to check with the customer reviews. Ask for quotations from the vendors and compare them. Your quotations should include information pertaining to the entire job including removal and disposal of the asbestos.
  • If necessary you can check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for the background of the respective company.
  • Your service provider must have an adequate insurance coverage. It should specifically cover the asbestos-related claims
  • See if the vendor is willing to sign a written contract before the commencement. Without a contract, you cannot start the work and you shouldn’t rely on verbal contracts or estimates under any circumstance.
  • See if the contractor is ready to offer copies of lab reports pertaining to the job

Be sure to communicate with the vendor clearly and know the process clearly. If you have any doubts, you have all the rights to question them and be 100% confident.