Hoarding Cleanup Help NYIf you’ve watched any amount of A&E marathons on television, then you have most likely come across the show, “Hoarders.” In this series, a person’s home is uninhabitable because of the collection of personal effects, belongings, and even animals. A team of individuals, along with loved ones or family members, come into the home and “clean it up.” Through sweat, tears, and lots of emotions, by the end of the show, the house is either habitable or condemned. If you watch this show and have a hoarding disorder, it may make you fear asking for help. Contrary to what most people think or fear, using a hoarding service does not include throwing out all of your belongings. If you live in New York, Crime Scene Clean Up is here to help with the hoarding support process.

The Dirt on Hoarding

Serving the entire state of New York, Crime Scene Clean Up has the number one goal of keeping you safe. Our first priority is always safety. We have been in the New York hoarding and clutter cleaning business a long time. Chances are, we have seen other properties that are the same, if not much worse than your own! Cleaning up, sanitizing, and organizing your home should be something that uplifts your life and your family! We offer cleaning services that are non judgmental so that you can have a healthy and safe place to live once again.

Hoarding Dangers

  • Fire: It’s simple, more stuff equals more chances for a fire. If even the smallest fire were to start, all of your possessions would fuel the fire and increase its strength to burn everything in the house down.
  • No Escape or Entrance Accessibility: Did a fire start in your home? Did you fall upstairs or in the bathroom? Do you need an ambulance? All of these emergencies require a safe entrance and exit. If you don’t have one, firefighters, paramedics, and even you, personally, will not be able to get in or out quickly.
  • Indoor Pollution: This is one of those dangers that can’t be seen but can be the most deadly. Mold, mildew, carbon monoxide, radon, pollen, dander, and cigarette smoke, are all things that can be trapped inside a hoarder’s home literally poisoning those within those walls.

Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup Specialists in New York

We aren’t here to throw out your belongings. We understand that this is hard for you. Therefore, we will give you time to think about the important items that matter most and should be kept. Our compassionate hoarding cleanup specialists will make sure that everything is placed in order, and your items that are important are kept.

If you need an extremely supportive, non-judgemental, flexible cleaning crew to come and help you revive your New York home, call Crime Scene Clean Up today at 844-255-2461.