Legionnaires Testing and Remediation Southern Bronx New YorkCurrently the death count has risen to 7 people in Southern Bronx, New York, – since July. Crime is not the culprit this time, it is actually a high presence of a hazardous bacteria called Legionella. This bacteria has been thriving, undetected in multiple water sources around Southern Bronx. More than 80 people have been diagnosed with this bacteria caused pneumonia around the area and the concerns are growing. Legionnaires’ Disease was not a household term in New York until just recently. The New York Health Department and New York Mayor have stepped in to spread awareness, ease concerns and divulge the possible root of the problem, which is critical because decontamination of water systems contaminated with legionella bacteria is the only way to eliminate the threat and prevent further sickness. Crime Scene Cleanup is a New York Biohazard and Disease Remediation Company that specializes decontamination of high risk situation, including controlling, disinfecting and eliminating water systems with Legionnaires’ Disease. Southern Bronx, New York, is experienced a devastating amount of this bacteria and the unfortunate consequences of it.

What are the Causes, Symptoms, and Results of Legionnaires’ Disease?

Legionnaires’ Disease is caused by inhaling or the aspiration of water droplets that contain legionella bacteria. Legionella bacteria is naturally occurring but growth promoting conditions increases colonization, therefore increasing the problems associated with it of the bacteria. Often found in large facilities like hospitals, industrial buildings, multi-family living complexes. The symptoms of this bacteria formed disease start out like the flu, exhaustion, high fever and body aches but it quick develop into a mucus filled cough, possibly accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, chest pains and if the person infected doesn’t seek medical attention for antibiotic treatment the results could be coma or death.

Importance of Thoroughly Disinfecting Legionella

If the above information isn’t enough to get you to contact a company that specializes in Legionella water testing and disinfecting, such as Crime Scene Cleanup, there are a few other factors that make eliminating this bacteria a difficult task, one that should only be left to the over-equipped. When a water system becomes contaminated with Legionella, the entire system has to be disinfected. Using CDC and OSHA recommended regulations are a must to ensure no cross-contamination occurs because even one small area of the water system is overlooked, the entire system and all the work put into the decontamination of it will be useless, as the bacteria will just increase in number again and circulate throughout the entire system again.

Effectively Disinfecting Legionella

This bacteria can be very resistant to biocides, in severe cases even chlorine is ineffective as a disinfectant. Crime Scene Cleanup has specialized protocol, chemical agents and equipment to ensure a complete sterilization of the entire water system, which will control Legionella for your entire location. We do not cut corners, safety is our priority and by choosing us you will ensure the safety of everyone around your property and within it.

New York Legionella Testing and Detection

Legionella is actually found in large water holding tanks because this is a source for optimal growing conditions. These microorganisms thrive in warm temperatures, take nutrients from biofilms, sediments and commensal organisms. Crime Scene Cleanup can help you prevent contamination of Legionella by testing your water routinely and is high levels of this bacteria are present we can decontaminate the entire system. Prevention is often times the least costly route, especially when lives are at stake.

Disinfecting New York Properties with Legionella Contaminated Water

We are a New York Professional Biohazard Remediation Company, our team goes farther than the regulations set by OSHA, CDC, New York City Health Department and the many other regulatory health agencies. We are one of the few companies that are adequately prepared to remediate water supplies that contain Legionella organisms in any state, especially Southern Bronx, New York, in their time of need.

Contact Crime Scene Cleanup if you own a potential Commercial, Residential, Retail, Hospital, Hotel/Motel, Industrial and any other Location and you fear is harboring dangerous amounts of Legionnaires’ Disease Causing Bacteria in Southern Bronx. We are available 24/7/365 at 1-844-255-2461.