Georgia Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup Georgia is one of the most experienced and highly recognized team and one of those considered the largest crime scene cleanup companies in the United States. Our team did not only exist to provide vital cleaning for all the victims, friends and family, but also help with the emotional aspect that the incident has caused especially the effects of trauma to the family members. We provide you the best service possible you can find across the state.

According to Georgia officials, along with some findings, the crime rate in some neighborhood has dropped 35 to 50 percent from 2009-2013, but this would not be the reason for our members to stop our services, especially to those who need us the most. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for the victims and their families.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of crime scene cleaning team is comprised the best professional with the highest quality tools and certified by the government in performing their tasks. Our group consist of professionals, including lawyers, doctors, law enforcement officer and among others.

We are not only here just to provide vital cleaning, but offer to help people to be able to handle the stress of the scenes during this tough time in the lives of the victim.

Moreover, since our clean up services team in Georgia is the largest network in the state, we can guarantee you that our crime scene cleanup group will be there to alleviate your sufferings and can guarantee you to do their job fast and effectively. In providing the services we operate with full legislative compliance and all materials are disposed properly.

Whether you are faced with crime scene cleanup, murder, suicide cleanup, Biohazard cleanup or any other blood spill, our team is here ready to assist you.

What Services Do We Offer?

  • Bio Hazard: This is a unique category of handling the effects a disaster both in commercial places and residential locations. This kind of hazards could range from tiny mold deposits on basement carpets to a rich blood-splatter on crime scene floors and pieces of furniture. Regardless of the kind of Biohazards, exposure to known and unknown contaminations could pose serious risks to a person’s health. Biohazard cleaners are properly equipped and trained to cope-up with every unimaginable kind of cleanup tasks. These experts are certified and licensed to effectively and safely remove Biohazard contaminants as well as dispose each one in accordance with the state’s OSHA and health regulations. We will make sure that you’ll be living in a safe, clean environment, once again.
  • Disinfection & Sterilization: Typical cleaning products, actually, do a great job in removing soil; however, only trained disinfectant cleaners and appropriate disinfectant tools kill germs thoroughly. Contaminated surfaces such as door knobs, bathroom counters, floors, carpets, toys, and even toilet seats might have bacteria that could cause diseases. Crime Scene Cleanup’s cleaners and products have met efficacy Agency or EPA.
  • Suicide Cleanup: After an unattended or violent death, which naturally calls for hazardous bio waste management, a reliable cleanup service is the most valuable commodity. Aside from law enforcement officials, a funeral home director, coroner, and other important people present in a crime scene, maintaining a healthy, professional relationship with a cleanup team could be helpful for the affected family. Death cleanup team coordinates work with other important people to be able to remedy the problem immediately and properly. Our aftermath cleanup technicians do not only perform deodorizing, disinfecting, and cleaning services, but a complete scene remediation, also. Dealing with the outcome of a homicide, suicide, or decomposition issues involves managing a scene properly in order to limit risks.
  • Hoarding: Crime Scene Cleanup also addresses hoarding problems. Our crew cleans up homes and other properties with histories of prolonged neglect and stark. Hired by social workers, code enforcement officers, realtors, private and public conservators, property managers and the likes, our cleanup technicians can prepare distressed properties for occupancy either by new owners or current residents. We wash, sanitize, deodorize and repair minor structural issues. Building code and public health violations are, also, remedied. Yard and trash cuttings are disposed in debris boxes before it’s taken to public dumping locations. Crime Scene Cleanup has been helping friends and families recover properties, which have been neglected for different reasons. This cleanup category is considered more common. Discreetly, we’ve been working with people who are unable to take care of their own properties due to mental and physical limitations, also. Aside from fire hazards, odors that come-out, rodent/insect infestation, and bacteria colony all require trained professionals to safely get rid of all these. Our professionals wear proper personal protective gear and respiratory devices during the cleanup in order to avoid harmful exposure to hazards like histoplasmosis, Hanta virus, bacteria, staph viruses such as MRSA and E. Coli.

What Benefits Do We Provide?

Cleaning crime scenes involves many important things; a lot more than buckets and mops, only. On rare occasions where our expert technicians come across a suspicious item which could be considered as an evidence, we immediately prompt them to cease work so the on-site supervisor could allow the appropriate people to respond to the call. This is how we show professionalism. We are very proud of the fact that we do not, in any way, interfere with the work and objectives of law enforcers to render them the time needed to solve a crime. Above all, this is will the affected family the assurance that while the recovery process is difficult to handle, a light at the end of a dark tunnel will make the journey better.

Professional Crime Scene Cleaners

A lot of people haven’t encountered a traumatic incident of this kind and, certainly, not prepared to face one sooner. While there are people who consider hiring us an added expense, we can assure you that every single penny spent on us will be worth shedding-out. At the end of our service contract, we can guarantee property managers and owners that a fully sanitized and safe property is brought back, once more.

Cleaning trauma scenes involve sanitizing and removing any object contaminated with bodily fluids and blood to be able to prevent infection and diseases that are commonly caused by the spread of pathogens like E. Coli, HIV, an MRSA. Crime Scene Cleanup makes use of propriety cleaning practices and solutions to make sure that every blood trace is cleaned, sanitized, and remediated.

Local, State, and Federal guidelines govern a big portion of every single procedure we do, and Crime Scene Cleanup has a compliance department that makes sure that we’re meeting all criteria established for trauma cleanup, crime scene cleanup, hoarding cleanup, and disinfection processes.

The list of benefits that we can provide could go beyond property protection. Take into consideration the list of examples below on how you, your family, your neighbors, your friends, and the law enforcers could benefit from us:

Your Family: If you have been a victim of a serious crime, we fully understand that, probably, your greatest concern revolves around the safety and health of the entire family. Getting rid of Biohazards like bio fluids and blood will definitely bring back your home’s pre-crime condition-a sanitary and clean place to live-in. Further, we have a rapid response service that can quickly mobilize to get rid of signs that make the property a crime locations. This way, you will never have to relive the moment ever again. You’ll have a brand new life, without any trace of what has happened in the past.

Neighbors & Friends: Our professional and experienced crime scene cleaning technicians are properly trained to work in the most discreet manner as well as to religiously follow protocol when asked by curious mediamen, friends, and neighbors. Our transport trucks have subtle marks to prevent drawing attention from people and our personnel as experienced in addressing a diverse variety of situations, making the entire cleanup process effective and efficient.

Law Enforcements Officers: Evidence collection and fingerprinting are two of the most complex tasks as this can leave behind harmful chemical residues as well as other items that remind of the, just happened, tragic situation. Through handling all of the cleanup aspects and providing other beneficial referrals for all kinds of associated services like home remodeling and commercial repair, trauma cleaning services experts could assist in alleviating several additional pressures which are often encountered by other scene respondents.

If you’re being faced with trauma cleanup, blood spills, accidental deaths, and all other related issues, cleaning up crime scenes’ expert, professional technicians are prepared to remedy your business or home needs, 7 days a week; 24 hours a day.

In times of your urgent crime scene cleanup needs, it is our commitment to professionally support our new and existing clients as they cope up with these sudden and tragic circumstances. For concerns and inquiries please feel free to contact us, the Crime Scene Cleanup Georgia team, through our contact page.


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