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Whether it’s a crime scene, trauma, or suicide, each one of these frightful situations distress families and all the individuals involved. Through all of the unfortunate events, the last thing that they could think about are the airborne bacteria and hazardous body fluids which could put everyone at risk of another circumstance. Well, the Crime Scene Cleanup New York group will take care of that flawlessly.

Through the years, it has been a common perception amongst many that all emergency services that come to the scene are the ones to complete a safe cleanup and organize all other things that come with emergency evacuations and sanitizing. While there are emergency response companies that include crime scene cleanup in their services, most do not. Amidst the tragedy, the property’s owner is the most rightful person to organize the needed disinfection and clean up.

Areas we cover:

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There are strict legislation and guidelines that surround the clean up of a trauma or a crime scene because the type and nature of the hazardous bodily fluids present are potential risks to any human-being’s health. Viruses like hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and human immunodeficiency virus or HIV  could be transferred from one exposed person to another through bodily fluids; hence, proper treatment of all contaminated areas is vital in preventing possible infections.

With the use of the most advanced cleaning and decontamination techniques, an involved area will be safely disinfected and dangerous bodily fluids will be removed. Through a sensitive and controlled method of eliminating the possible spread of infection and the risk of contaminating exposed persons and neighboring properties will, also, be prevented.

The Crime Scene Cleanup Association has been providing proficient and discreet, clean up and disinfection solution with an assurance that clients will feel confident enough in using the involved property, once again.

Our Crime Scene Cleanup professionals were highly trained and dedicated to helping people and the communities when this sudden tragedy strikes.

We take pride in announcing that our member New York is equipped and ready to serve you in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our trained specialist will assist you in any situation. Suicide, natural death, or no matter how someone dies many time hazards are present. You may still want Crime Scene Cleanup from our team in New York.

A report from the NYPD states that after steady declines of crime for the past 5 years, State crimes start to increase over 5 percent. Last year was the first time that the crime had seen an increase, though the number does not rival from the previous year. So, this has been the reason for our members and trained specialists from Crime Scene Cleanup in New York were busy throughout the year.

Our specialists are trained on how to approach and will properly remove, disinfect and dispose of all contaminated waste. Compared to any cleaning services our procedure of handling Biohazard is medically tested. We are committed to honesty, fairness and providing an atmosphere of respect for every individual and community we work.

Professional Crime Scene Cleaners in NY

Crime Scene Cleanup has handled blood cleanup, sanitization works, and communicable disease decontamination for thousands of crime and trauma scenes, already, including contaminated buildings and hoarding situations. We fully understand that these kind of situations isn’t only upsetting and unexpected; these could also be difficult and dangerous to attend to.

Our very own code of service provision the Crime Scene Cleanup way, is beyond what most of us perceive as ‘simple cleaning’. We firmly believe that all of our customers deserve nothing, but superior quality service only while being treated with utmost respect and dignity. We use vehicles that are discreetly marked to be able to maintain confidentiality, all of the time. We, at all times, document all of the procedures we have performed and present them in a detailed report provided to you for special purposes such as for your compliance department and insurance company.

Our broad network includes mobile and regional offices, staffed by numerous qualified and certified crime scene professionals. We, also, our residential and business customers with a wide range of cleaning and bioremediation assistance in the case of outbreaks of communicable diseases, tear gas attack, industrial assistance, personal accidents, unattended deaths, suicides, and homicide cases.

Crime Scene Cleanup is committed to rapid emergency responses with our experienced and professional service technicians on stand-by 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and 24 hours each day. Further, our team is dedicated to serving and helping the people when tragedy strikes.

Our primary goal is to restore an environment in the highest professional manner and courteous service as possible. Our professionalism is crucial to us. Our members are not only present to provide vital cleaning, but also to offer help to family members, friends with any emotional aspect of the incident. This relieves the family members, or employees of the emotional, traumatic tasks after the crime.

Our team of certified technicians has more than 3 decades of experience in trauma and cleaning up the crime scene. We bring and respond in every incident throughout the State. We use our expertise to guide you the whole process as we say our job is to take care of your problem fast and give you the satisfaction of our service.

Crime Scene cleanup is a very serious task, all the time. Dealing with the aftermath of violent crime can be emotional, especially the event was sudden, and it is very difficult for the members of the family to understand. It can entail emotional and psychological bearing as well.

Professional Treatment Service

With our many years of clean up experiences and adequate research, we were able to establish a systematic aftermath cleaning approach which can guarantee all people involved in the trauma scene that our strategies are according to the sanitation standards of health facilities. Our trained aftermath service technicians are certified and skilled in the removal of lingering poisonous odors and hazardous biological contaminants. As a well-established remediation specialists, our main goal is to, once again, bring back a well-preserved property to its owner in the safest, most livable condition.

For maximum scene control, our skilled technicians make use of the safest decontamination procedures through establishing three different zones using bio-tape and plastic sheets to separate each one from the other, especially the contaminated area from all other uncontaminated parts of a property. Through research and experience, we can assure clients that this will prevent cross-contamination from commencing between affected and clean rooms.

The three important zones are:

  • The Clean Zone: A designated place to store equipment and tools, to be able to prevent possible cross contamination.
  • The Buffer Zone: This is where our technicians wear their personal protective equipment, as well as fill the disposal boxes.
  • The Control Zone: This is the contamination area where all of the work will happen.

From start to end of the decontamination process, our aftermath technicians are fully equipped and protected with the use of personal protective equipment, which includes  double-layered gloves, respiratory gears, and Hazmat suits that are designed specifically for Biohazard recovery.

We treat all of the crime scenes like everything bears a life-threatening infection since most of the worst viruses have been discovered to survive in biological materials and blood fluids despite initial decontamination procedures. Moreover, statistics show that 1 out of 24 people is infected with Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and HIV.

Our Biohazard structural removal and cleaning services will involve cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing processes.

  • Cleaning: Our aftermath technicians begin the work by taking away all kinds of dirt, biological materials, blood, and chemicals from the “control” zone. Personal properties that can’t be remedied anymore, should be disassembled and disposed at once and be treated as a medical waste.
  • Sanitizing: Right after the cleaning procedure, our technicians will then treat the “control” zone with the use of disinfectants through spraying surfaces at pre-established intervals. After the treatment, our crew will manually wipe all of the surfaces to serve as a second intervention before commencing the adenosine triphosphate fluorescence testing. This same technology is being used by third-grade hospitals in verifying sanitation levels.
  • Deodorizing: As a final intervention, our aftermath technicians will use a special deodorizer to get rid of the possibility of experiencing lingering odors.

If you or any of your family members are facing an unfortunate circumstance and there is an unattended trauma clean up, death clean up, or blood spill, you can rely on us- the Crime Scene Cleanup Association. Our decontamination process can safely remediate a home, a business, or a vehicle.

Crime Scene Cleanup is your premiere crime scene Biohazard remediation and clean up team, strategically located nationwide to provide you professional services, wherever you are. Call our local offices in major metropolication locations around the country for a crime scene clean up, blood spill clean up, Biohazard clean, any time of the day.

Remember in the event of any disaster we want you to contact a reliable company that you can trust. For any concern inquiries, feel free to contact Crime Scene Cleanup team at our page.


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