The Crime Scene Cleanup Association in Ohio is pleased to welcome our Ohio team, who are experts in various crime scene cleanup tasks and damaged environment. Our Crime Scene Cleanup team is composed to professionals that can take care of every crime scene and its associated problems such as handling and disposing of hazardous materials. Crime scene cleanup services can be compared to pest control, except that crime scene professionals deal with a specialized field. These professionals use special equipment designed to clean, handle and dispose hazardous wastes and materials. These tools and equipment are needed in order to perform their jobs efficiently.

The start of the cleanup process

The cleanup process does not start when the family or property owner wants it to start. It starts after the government agencies and the coroner’s appointment release the area or property back to the owner or buyer. Furthermore, all forensic, police and legal process must be completed on the crime scene prior to starting the cleanup process.

There are many small businesses engaging in various cleanup services. However, it takes a specialist to perform the tasks efficiently. Furthermore, it is an advantage to choose a company that has multi-office all over the country because it is easier to get the assistance from a company that has a local office than those whose office is located in another state.

Our Crime Scene Cleanup Ohio team has the necessary licenses and certifications from the American Bio-recovery Association and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. We are duly-registered and authorized to perform these crime scene cleanup jobs.

Getting a Crime Scene Cleanup service in Ohio

Getting a crime scene cleanup service used to be very different in the past especially in Ohio. However, the increasing awareness of the importance of these services brought business to many people. Crime scene cleanup companies can charge as much as $600 per hour depending on the trauma level, as well as the amount of hazardous wastes that their cleaners have to handle and dispose.

Because of the price associated with the cleanup process, it is important to choose a company that has been in the industry for a long time. Also, it is best to choose a company that complies government regulations and honors and follows religious rites of the victim and their families in doing their jobs.

In case you need the services of crime scene cleaners, you can always rely on that we are there to help you 24/7 in handling your traumatic scenario. For questions, clarifications or inquiries, you may contact us through our contact page.


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