Meth Lab Cleanup Daytona Beach FLDaytona Beach, FL is a popular vacation spot, especially for spring breakers. With all of the partying and violence, being a landlord in this area can be extremely stressful. If you have recently found out that one of your tenants has been using your property as a meth lab, it is important that the home, apartment, building or any other location be adequately Decontaminated of Meth Residue left from the process – immediately. When you find a meth lab bust, these environments can be very dangerous and should only be cleaned up by professionals. That is where Crime Scene Cleanup comes into play. Team up with our highly experienced staff to restore this location back to a safe residence.

Dangers From Meth Labs:

  • Toxic Fumes – The fumes that come from a meth lab can be toxic. If around these fumes for long enough, they have the potential to harm humans and even kill animals.
  • Respiratory Issues – If you come in direct contact with a meth lab, you may experience breathing problems over time.
  • Skin Troubles – These environments are so dangerous that your skin can negatively react to the fumes as well.
  • Migraines – Painful headaches are common when coming into contact with a meth lab.
  • Higher Risk of Fire/Damage – Since chemicals and fumes have resided in your residence, fire and explosions are an extremely high risk.

Testing Your Home/Property for Methamphetamine

The first step of providing professional meth decontamination services is testing the location for the presence of meth. Residue can form throughout a home over time if your tenants were creating meth for a long period of time. Burns and stains throughout the home are a sure sign of a meth lab. The difficult part is that sometimes meth labs go unnoticed. That is why our testing is so important. If you have the slightest hunch that a meth lab resided in one of your rental properties, getting the area tested is the best step.

Cleaning Up the Mess of Meth Manufacturing

If you are in need of meth lab cleanup services, our staff is here to help. Our team will be as discreet as possible during our cleaning to make sure that neighbors do not know what type of cleaning services we are providing. Our team can provide long term meth lab restoration services to help get your rental property back to a safe and healthy state.

So, if one of your properties in Daytona Beach, FL has been used as a meth lab, Crime Scene Cleanup is ready to help. Give us a call 24/7 at 1-844-255-2461 to learn more about our meth lab decontamination services.