Crime Scene Cleaning NYCrime scene cleaning can be a very difficult service that should always be taken extremely serious. There are many companies who offer crime scene cleanup with varying levels of professionalism and discretion. Crime Scene Cleanup serves New York and New Jersey and provides the highest quality and most thorough cleanup, professional service, compassion and respect to each and every one of our clients. If you find yourself needing to hire a crime scene cleanup company for decontamination of crime scenes in New York, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Experience and certifications are essential- Becoming a part of a team of crime scene cleaners is not for everyone. It takes skill, expertise and training to be able to perform the difficult task of cleaning, sanitizing and decontaminating a crime scene. There is no substitute for certification, training and many years of experience in crime scene cleanup.
  • Confidentiality and discretion is imperative- Crime scene cleanup is no laughing matter and it is never anyone else’s business. When searching for a crime scene cleanup company, you should ask very pointed, direct questions about their policies about confidentiality, so that you can be sure that your painful memories will not show up online or in the news!
  • Knowledge of How To Handle Biohazard Risk- In scenes where there is blood and bodily fluid, it is critical for proper sanitation and disposal processes to be followed. Blood and trauma cleanup require significant knowledge and experience to ensure that the area can be restored to a decontaminated state.

Crime Scene Cleanup: Our Philosophy

Crime Scene Cleanup makes each of our clients a promise. We will provide you and your family with compassionate, respectful and high quality cleanup services in New York and New Jersey. Our team is trained and certified in the latest cleanup technique and technology so that you can trust that the area in question is as clean (if not cleaner) than before the traumatic event. We will never compromise your confidentiality or share details about the crime scene or the victim with neighbors, friends or the media. We take every single job seriously and only use professional grade cleaning agents (no Lysol!) and protective gear to minimize the risk of transfer of disease or infection.

If your family has recently been through a traumatic event and a crime scene cleanup team is needed, give us a call at 1-844-255-2461. This is not something you should deal with on your own!