Blood Cleanup

After a crime, accident, or mishap that results in blood spill there is usually a thorough investigation by law enforcement officials and a forensic team. After they leave, the location still needs to be cleaned of the blood and all that has been affected by it. National Crime Scene Cleanup provides the entire USA with professional blood clean up services. Hollywood portrays blood clean up as glamorous but in truth, knowing how to clean up blood spills is an expertise that only a few individuals can sum up the courage to study.

According to the FBI in 2013 a violent crime occurred in the US every 27.1 seconds. They classify violent crimes as murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault, all acts that can lead to blood spill. Source: FBI.GOV

Blood Cleanup by National Crime Scene Cleanup

There are many that are not too fond of being around blood and feel queasy at the sight of it. If this is you, blood cleanup is not a job for you. Many of our cleanup professionals have previously worked in the medical, first responder and law enforcement field and are accustomed to seeing blood in everyday situations. Also, a person who is experienced in the nature of blood cleaning knows that this type of industry involves many health factors since blood may contain highly contagious diseases and an individual who works around it places himself at a high risk.

Blood Cleaning Process, Chemicals, & Safety Equipment

Special cleaning agents and tools are used when working with blood loss and bodily fluids. The usual detergents and soaps are not enough to clean up the blood stains and even without seeing or smelling the blood, an untrained individual will not have the knowledge and equipment to eliminate all the microbes and pathogens that are left on the surface, invisible to the naked eye. This is why calling experts that have been certified and are experienced in cleaning blood are recommended. Other than making the room ready to be resided in once again, blood clean up experts guarantee the safety against all the possible ill effects of bloodborne pathogens and diseases. When our certified cleanup professionals perform blood clean up, our top priority is to make sure that everything that’s been affected by blood will be removed, cleaned, disinfected, and decontaminated – all of which will depend on the severity of the contact and the environment it is in. Proper disposal of the blood or bodily fluids is crucial in containing the spread of infectious diseases.

Common Infections that can be Transmitted through Blood Exposure:

  • Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C (Most people living with these infections are completely unaware of it.)
  • There are other bacteria, virus and parasitic infectious diseases that are less common, yet still