Crime Scene Clean Up

Many of us have probably heard the term crime scene clean up™ but very few have concrete knowledge about these professionals and what they do. Crime and investigation television shows may have been helpful to some extent but still, many are confused as to determining what their job description exactly covers. No worries, you are not alone.

What is Crime Scene Cleanup?

Technically, crime scene cleanup is the process of cleaning and decontaminating areas stained by body fluids, blood and other potentially infectious materials which biohazard cleaning is needed. Incidents that require crime scene and trauma scene cleanup are the following:

  • Suicides
  • Accidents or acts of intentional harm and/or intentional self-harm
  • Decomposition or unattended death
  • Homicides
  • Animal biohazards (e.g. feces or blood)
  • Mass trauma
  • Infectious disease contamination
  • Industrial accidents
  • Biotech crime scene clean up
  • Regulated waste transport, treatment, and disposal

Who Cleans up Crime Scenes?

 You will be surprised but there are thousands of companies that provide crime scene cleaning not just in the United States but also around the world.

Crime scene cleaning services primarily began as a regional or local small business activity. But as the industry matured, it has created some larger entities. Though only a few nationwide companies exist that mainly clean up crime scenes, several restoration companies have already added crime scene cleanup and biohazard removal in their services. Either way, because of the ethical and legal complications that entail aftermath crime scene cleanup, biohazard crime scene clean up is often separated into its own business entity or division.

Employees who clean up crime scenes are trained in empathy and compassion when working with victims as well as family members. Crime scene cleaners will have to have three (3) qualities: got to have a strong stomach, be able to rationally detach from himself from work, and be naturally sympathetic. Cleaning crime scenes can rather be an emotional job.

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