Hoarding disorder is typically defined as amassing huge amounts of personal effects, belongings, and even animals inside the living space. People afflicted by this disorder are often overwhelmed by the idea of sorting through their possessions and possibly disposing of any in order to restore their lives and the lives of anyone else living with them. If you are aware that a hoarding disorder is affecting a residential, or even a commercial property you’re responsible for – contact our specialized hoarding cleanup team. We are dedicated to helping people in need of our hoarding cleaning services throughout the New York State. We are experienced and efficient, and we consider short term and easily tangible long term progress. We are not just a cleaning company, we want to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. We have specific training and resources designed to help those affected by a hoarding disorder.

Non-Judgmental Hoarding Cleanup Help – New York

Our number one priority for individuals in need of hoarding and clutter cleaning is safety. We have seen many properties that have experienced the same, if not worse conditions, and we have fully restored them and can do the same for yours, too. We take the time to make sure the hoarding and clutter cleanup, sanitation and organization process be something that uplifts you and your family, instead of breaking you down. We want you to take comfort in our services, so that you and your family can be happy and proud of the place you live and not second guess the health or safety of your home.

Hoarding Risks

When we say ‘cost’ we are not referring to the financial cost, we are referring to the dangers and risks associated with hoarding and living in an environment that has accumulated a large amount of possessions. Below are just a few of the very real dangers which can put your family, neighbors, friends, yourself and others at risk:

Fire – The more your home accumulates items the higher your chances are for a fire. If a small fire were to start, the possessions you store will act as fuel for the fire, rapidly increasing its strength and intensity. A fire in a home occupied by a hoarder can also be much more difficult to put out due to the dense nature items packed in the house. There have been many deaths as a result from a fire starting in a home with little to no escape route due to piles of collections.

Little to No Escape or Entrance Accessibility – If a fire or other emergency were to happen in your home, could you escape? Most cities require every room to have more than one access or escape route. Is yours covered by piles of belongings? If so, it means you have less chance of getting out of your home if a disaster were to strike and rescue crews have less chance of getting in. Firefighters now have special training courses on how to handle fires in homes occupied by hoarders due to the increased risk it puts on them and you; fighting fires in a hoarding environment requires different processes and techniques. Fire fighters are also asking that if homes are a hoarding environment, to please notify them before a fire so that they know what the situation has in store before they get there – in times of emergency. This is another attempt to help lessen the dangers of hoarding.

Emergencies – Chest pains, heart attacks, breathing problems, falls, and large cuts are some of the most common reasons to call an ambulance. Any of these or other alarming health emergencies can take a change for the worse in a matter of seconds, which is why the faster the EMT can get to you, the better. Hoarding further complicates dangerous situations and what normally can take a couple seconds may take much longer if they need to work their way through clutter or have a difficult time finding you… and in emergency situations every second counts.

Indoor Air Pollution – There are even risks that can’t be seen in hoarding environments, the invisible dangers of hoarding include an increased level of air impurities such as Mold, Mildew, Carbon Monoxide, Radon, Pollen, Dander and Cigarette Smoke, all which can develop into health complications. Many of these issues are indistinguishable by both sight and smell, nevertheless they are still dangerous. Stacks of objects can also block vents, reducing air circulation.

Hoarding Cleanup Process, NY

Contrary to what most people would automatically think or fear, our New York hoarding clean up services do not include throwing out all belongings. In a typical hoarding support process, the individual is given time to think about the important items that matter most and that should be given consideration not to be disposed of. The truth is that all those piles will reveal some things that are valuable and some that are not. Our compassionate hoarding cleanup specialists will makes sure that everything is put back in order while retaining the items that have been identified as important.

It is very important to have the right person to assist during the process of hoarding and clutter cleanup. Our hoarding cleanup specialists concentrate on maintaining a non-judgmental climate that is extremely supportive and flexible. We can relieve any anxiety that may develop when considering this process and during the transition of completing the clutter and hoarding cleanup, organization, sorting and sanitation.

Hoarding Environment Clean Up

Whether there is an excessive collection of news articles, paper documentation, food or animals, we have specialists that can help you start fresh, without losing the important items that are sentimentally and financially valuable to you. We can help you find balance and be happy in your home, instead of feeling discouraged.

Contact us directly for Clutter & Hoarding Cleaning Services completed by our specialized and compassionate New York team at 1-844-255-2461, we offer our services nationwide and can be reached any time of the day or night.

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