Crime Scene Cleanup is an ever changing industry. There are always new equipment, technologies, chemicals, procedures, guidelines and breakthroughs when it comes to the science behind what we do as a company. All of the aforementioned things lead to one overall goal: they allow our men and women to be able to safely help our clients in the best, and fastest way. As humans develop new technology, this expands what we were able to do, and opens up new doors. But how important is a digitally connected crime scene cleanup company compared to one that is not?

In this day and age, around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today (at the time of this writing, that’s 3.4 Billion!). In 1995, it was less than 1%. (source: With this massive expansion of internet users in just over 10 years, the way people connect, do business, and thrive has massively changed the entire landscape.

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Need to know how to make tiramisu? You can find that easily on Google, with a quick search. Looking to hire a landscaping company? A quick Yelp search will net you the best rated, local company to hire, with real reviews on other client’s experience with them. Entertainment, education, information and staying in touch with one another has never been easier. We’re at the dawn of a digital renaissance.

Our industry, the crime scene cleanup and bio-hazardous waste industry, can benefit from such a great period of digital wealth. Our company, and others similarly, have always struggled to advertise, with the stigmata of death. You cannot easily create a television ad, or a billboard, and expect potential clients to keep your phone number handy. The services we provide are On-Demand, meaning that if the unfortunate circumstances arise, a potential client needs to easily find our information when looking. There are no handing out business card for future use, or running an ad in a local newspaper. People who need our services will never think they would ever have to call us. Tragedy is like that, no one anticipates it, it just happens, unexpectedly. has always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of the digital revolution. If a family or individual needed us, anytime, our information and contact is just a quick Google search away. We’re connected on all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. It’s important for people to know that we’re people too, and that when an incident happens, we feel as heartbroken as they do, and we want to help in the best way possible. This isn’t a mindless corporation looking to make as much money as possible. We’re a banding of individuals with the experience, know-how and willingness to help our fellow man.

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The National Crime Scene Cleanup Association also takes every step possible in the education of the public when it comes to crime scene clean up services. Most people do not know this industry exists. They believe that the coroner, police, EMT or medical examiner clean up after an incident. By teaching people about our industry and what we do, it helps people find us or any other company, instead of cleaning it themselves, which poses damage to their own health and safety, as well as to their family, friends, patrons or home.

Woman_Using_a_Samsung_VR_Headset_at_SXSW_2015_(2015-03-15_14.10.24_by_Nan_Palmero)In production is a Virtual Reality based Crime Scene, named Safeguard. Safeguard is an educational experience, letting users learn more about our technicians, the tools they use, and best practices when encountering a trauma scene. Experiencing this, over reading about it, ensures the users really encounter and learn. The famous quote about Learning from doing, not from reading, is applicable here. As technology progresses with VR and interaction, we may be able to in some time, provide the initial training tools for new potential Crime Scene Technicians, prior to sending them into a scene with no experience.

360 Videos, also provide an amazing, immersive experience in seeing everything around you. 360 videos, now being supported on such platforms as YouTube, or Facebook, are a great way for the public to see those tense moments, as our Technicians dispatch out to a job. See all the equipment and safety gear we use, even ride along to the scene.

Technology will always get faster, smaller, and better. People will be able to do more, and be able to help one another in ways only imagined. As we move together as a society, forward, the National Crime Scene Cleanup Association will continue to utilize every means possible to be present. From educating people, to being able to be visible when needed, we will always be right here when people need us the most: digitally – and sequentially, in person.

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