Florida Crime Scene Clean Up

The Crime Scene Cleanup Association Florida is pleased to welcome our Florida team, who are experts in various crime scene cleanup tasks and damaged environment. Our Crime Scene Cleanup team is composed of professionals that can take care of every crime scene and its associated problems such as handling and disposing of hazardous materials. Crime scene cleanup services can be compared to pest control, except that crime scene professionals deal with a specialized field. These professionals use special equipment designed to clean, handle and dispose hazardous wastes and materials. These tools and equipment are needed in order to perform their jobs efficiently.

The start of the cleanup process

The cleanup process does not start when the family or property owner wants it to start. It starts after the government agencies and the coroner’s appointment release the area or property back to the owner or buyer. Furthermore, all forensic, police and legal process must be completed at the crime scene prior to starting the cleanup process.

There are many small businesses engaging in various cleanup services. However, it takes a specialist to perform the tasks efficiently. Furthermore, it is an advantage to choose a company that has multi-office all over the country because it is easier to get the assistance from a company that has a local office than those whose office is located in another state.

Our Crime Scene Clean Up Florida team has the necessary licenses and crime scene cleanup certification from the American Bio-recovery Association and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. We are duly-registered and authorized to perform these crime scene cleanup jobs.

Getting a Crime Scene Cleanup Service in Florida

Getting a crime scene cleanup service used to be very different in the past especially in Florida. However, the increasing awareness of the importance of these services brought business to many people. Biohazard cleanup companies can charge as much as $600 per hour depending on the trauma level, as well as the amount of hazardous wastes that their cleaners have to handle and dispose.

Because of the price associated with the cleanup process, it is important to choose a company that has been in the industry for a long time. Also, it is best to choose a company that complies with government regulations and honors and follows religious rites of the victim and their families in doing their jobs.

Biohazard Cleaning Services

Compared to water or fire loss, property damages that result from murders, suicides, and unattended death cleanup deliver both complexity and risk for the affected family, the cleanup company, and the policyholder. Several restoration and cleaning companies provide bioremediation services; however, only those which are specialized in this particular area, fully understand the intricacies and science of crime and trauma scene decontamination and bioremediation process.

To be able to minimize the risk for the carrier of the insurance and ensure the policy holder’s safety, it is vital to comprehend the inherent challenges of bio-remediation as well as the standards and challenges that Biohazard cleanup professionals should stick to.

  1. Will I be help liable for improper Biohazard cleanup?

At one point, insurance professionals might have gone through sticker shock due to bioremediation claims. How could Biohazard cleanup of one room cost a lot more than restoring an entire house because of the flood? It may be inviting to retain a damage restoration company that provides services at a much lower cost, but this might put the insurer at high risk for a lawsuit.

Take for example a recent case where a cleaning company was employed to sanitize a residential property after a deer meat of 600 pounds in wright was found rotting in the family’s garage. After the cleanup, the owner of the property reported that they’re still noticing the rotting stench all throughout the house and that a few of their family members got ill, already.

The investigators who came into the property to conduct their own survey found out that the sickness and lingering smell resulted from the inefficient cleaning process like failure the cleanup company’s negligence to one particular concrete surface. Consequently, the investigators sued the insurance company for a brand new home that’s valued at $600, 000.

  1. Why is the process of bioremediation a complex task?

Several Bio-hazardous situations are greater health risks to everyone exposed to the scene such as the cleanup company, the policy holder, and the family members because of the high probability of acquiring blood-borne pathogens. In fact, statistics have shown that 1 in every 24 people carries deadly viruses like HIV, Hepatitis C, or Hepatitis B. These pathogens could survive even in deceased individuals for a significant length of time. There are cases that reach to 16 days, even after death, basically dependent on the surrounding environment and temperature.

Exposure to viruses that reside in blood and bodily fluids could occur because of direct contact with accidental injuries and non-intact skin from exposure to blood splashes though body openings as mouth, nose, or eyes. Taking into account these health risks, bioremediation cleanup companies should follow meticulous decontamination and stringent employee safety procedures, which most cleanup personnel aren’t accustomed to.

On the other hand, Bio-hazardous situations could lead to unknown, unfamiliar dangers, which any average property restoration expert may not consider, even. For instance, in water damage emergencies, drywall and floor boards may be removed because they’re visibly unsalvageable and warped, beyond repair. The rest of the entire structure could be dried out.

Separately, blood could seep in-between floorboards and through grouts, even through subfloorings. There’s just no other way to get rid of it than to remove all of the affected materials. If brand new wood floors are going to be installed over blood spills or contaminated tiles are wiped-down only, the remaining biohazards could release odors, spread disease, and bring further damages to the property.

  1. How should I evaluate bioremediation providers?

In order to determine whether a company is qualified to manage Biohazard situations or not, property owners must be knowledgeable enough about proper bioremediation guidelines and the processes needed to decontaminate an affected property. The most important things to ask a cleanup company includes:

  • EPA & State Compliance: The disposal of bio-hazardous waste should follow the local, state, and federal regulations. Not all cleanup companies carry the license to store or transport medical wastes so it is very essential to comprehend how they are able to comply with the established standards. The cleanup company could incur hefty charges when bio-hazardous waste materials aren’t disposed in the most proper way. Further, employees have to undergo a proper crime scene cleanup training with respect to safe and efficient handling.
  • OSHA Compliance: This set of regulations is established to protect Bio-hazard companies’ employees against contracting injuries and liabilities. All field technicians and supervisors must be trained in several OSHA programs like Tag-Out-Lock-Out, Lift Safety, Fall Protection, Heat Illness, Asbestos Awareness, Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Gear, Bloodborne Pathogens, as well as a Power Tool Safety. A common mistake of restoration companies is that they comply with OSHA standards for blood-borne pathogens, only rather than in all of the above-mentioned areas.
  • Testing/Reporting: A professional company must have the capability to provide detailed reports. This must include images of the whole process, so the property owner could understand why  a few structural materials has to be removed, what were disposed, and why all exposed individuals had to wear personal protective equipment. They must have special sets of gear readily available to check for contaminants, both non-visible and visible bodily fluids and blood, so they could fully declare an area as safe and fully disinfected.
  • Sensitivity Training: Dealing with properties that have gone through fire and flood damages could be tremendously traumatic; however, this doesn’t seem to outwit the loss of family members and loved-ones in cases of crimes and suicides. During these unfortunate situations, the members of the family often stay inside the home; hence, it is only imperative that the cleanup company that’ll provide service is composed of technicians who are considerate and compassionate. Murder scene cleanup specialists fully understand the reality that at times as this, only one member of the family is delegated to deal with everything so as to avoid conflicting updates and confusions. They’ve been trained to get rid of alarming languages and speak empathetically with all members of the family.

If we talk about Biohazard remediation, there’s no quick solution, at all. The reality that there are no well-established laws to protect property owners through the whole cleanup process puts the family of the victim at extreme need to work only with those who follow safety cleanup procedures and standards. If the homeowner chooses to manage the cleanup process and along the way neglects a standard protocol, he or she may be held liable for further property and health damages.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Florida has made it a motto that we couldn’t put a specific “price tag” on a homeowner’s “peace of mind”; hence, we always do our best according to the laws and standards that make this industry a continuously improving business.

In case you need the services of crime scene cleaners, you can always rely on that we are there to help you 24/7 in handling your traumatic scenario. For questions, clarifications or inquiries, you may contact us through our contact page.


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