Maryland Crime Scene Cleanup

Our Crime Scene Clean Up Maryland team is composed of professionals who clean damaged environment because of tear gas, unattended deaths and other awful crime scenes and incidents.

The very old idea which implies that the law enforcers catches their men, unfortunately, does not hold true at all times. According to a report released by the FBI, approximately 40% of the homicide cases in the US are unsolved, with a few states having rates that have reached 56%. The rates for unsolved cases for other kinds of criminal activities are within a similar range. Despite all scientific and technological advances in criminal justice, investigative works could still a “dead end”. Moreover, the longer the crimes are left unsolved, the lesser its probability of finding the perpetrator.

Crime investigation can be likened to solving a puzzle. It is very difficult to complete one if you do not have the knowledge on how a solved scene would appear; having an idea of the final image could help you recognize possible clues to the information. For law enforcers, the crime scene is treated like a solved puzzle. It can provide a complete idea of what had happened, guiding investigators on clues that could help in revealing the truth of the crime and its suspects. With every second passing through, changes to the scene could occur and the clues that are supposed to help solve the crime become harder to detect.

Timing is very critical in finding a solution to a crime, but remediation efforts also hold an equal footing. Even if authorities are immediately notified right after a crime scene is found, collecting evidence and dusting for fingerprints are two of the most time-consuming tasks in the whole process. By the time all the investigative works are done, serious damages to the property might have occurred, already.

Our crime cleanup services take care of the crime scene, as well as associated problems such as handling of hazardous materials and disposal of these materials. Ordinary people can compare crime scene cleanup business to pest control specialist. The only difference is the area that trauma cleaning professionals deal with. They use special tools and equipment to perform their cleaning job.

Bodily fluids and blood tend to seep into pored surfaces such as floorboards and walls, attracting odor-producing bacteria and causing stains. If these are left untreated, they could weaken the affected structure itself. The most efficient method of protecting yourself after crimes is to employ an aftermath crime scene cleanup company. They have the proper knowledge, training, skills, and tools that can remediate problems, almost instantly.

When Should A Trauma Cleanup Start?

Crime Scene Cleanup starts to take place after the government agencies and coroner’s appointment release the ‘scene’ back to the buyer or other bodies. The cleanup tasks cannot start until the badge analysis is completed on the contaminated scene.

Many aftermath trauma clean-up services consider themselves small businesses only. However, you can also find companies having multi-office all over the country. Also, Biohazard cleanup companies must have license and certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, as well as from the American Bio-recovery Association before they can operate.

Trauma Cleaning Services Throughout Maryland

Crime Scene Cleanup used to be an abhorrent job in the past. However, it has become an advantageous business these days. Crime scene cleanup companies can charge between $100 and $600 per hour depending on the level of trauma and the amount of hazardous materials the cleaners have to handle and dispose.

While many people consider crime scene cleanup an ordinary business, there are companies providing services beyond what is expected from them. There are companies that do not only comply with government regulations, but also honor and follow religious rites of the victims and their families in performing their tasks.

Why Do We Do What We’re Doing?

Our cleaning services involve sanitizing and removing any object that’s been contaminated with bodily fluids and blood to be able to prevent bloodborne pathogens spread like E. Coli, HIV, and MRSA. Crime Scene Cleanup makes use of proprietary practices and cleaning solutions in order to make sure that everything’s remediated.

Local, state, and federal guidelines govern a big portion of the long list of services we provide, and we have a compliance department that can make sure that we’re meeting the mandated criteria as specified by Maryland.

If you’re facing accidental blood spill and death or some other trauma instances, Crime Scene Cleanup are always prepared to respond to clients’ needs anytime of the day; any day of the week.

Crime Scene Cleanup is a high-tech company and we take pride in the fact that we are assets to both public safety and health as well as to law enforcers. In the US, the industry where crime scene technicians belong has generated $340 million in revenue, already. Aside from being able to provide employment to many, this same industry can also render many other services to both the local community and the law enforcers.

Ensure Safety

Before the existence of professional crime scene cleaners like Crime Scene Cleanup, family members were left with no other choice, but to clean up all of the mess that the incident has brought to their property. While this could eliminate a good percentage of contaminants present, this could be heart-breaking and dangerous to them. Crime scenes could contain chemicals and broken glass as well as many other things that must not be touched without the use of proper equipment. During the cleaning process, Crime Scene Cleanup technicians wear HAZMAT suits to be able to avoid injuries and infections.

Control the Spread of Diseases

Crime scenes, aside from being horrific in nature, can also cause infection when not properly cleaned and sanitized. If a victim or its criminal was injured while they were on the scene, blood must have been left behind. This could cause contamination and blood-borne diseases. Many of the possible blood-borne pathogens such as HIV virus and Hepatitis B, and C could damage an exposed individual’s immune system seriously. Crime Scene Cleanup cleaners follow a standard set of guidelines which the CDC has mandated to be able to control the exposure to dangerous diseases for people who are visiting the scene.

Provide Peace of Mind

This is another important thing that crime scene cleaners could provide. When your property has been used for vandalism or crime, the last thing that you’d want to keep is a reminder of the incident. Our people can guarantee you that every single thing that will possibly remind you of the unfortunate incident is eliminated and properly disposed. After all, it has always been easier to forget when there’s nothing that would remind you about it.

Being successful in this crime scene cleanup industry has implied that we’ve understood this industry’s sensitive nature, let alone the marketing and advertising strategies that we go through. There are cleanup businesses that choose to make use of the typical yellow pages route or market themselves through automobile painting. Some others are focusing on options that are more discrete such as giving out cards in functions (motels and hotels are those that need cleanup services the most), police stations, and funeral homes.

Marketing our business has led us into knowing excellent morticians, paramedics, firefighters, and police detectives, who has the ability of providing efficient services to the family of the survivors.

A lot of people call the crime scene cleaning industry a growing field; however, there are also those that take it as a business that commercializes death; a simple form of capitalism, they say. Well, there are others that refer to it as ‘godsend’. Every single person who’s involved in the business is encouraged to set their focus on positive things only so as to help an individual or the whole family get through a difficult time. Our services, though offered by many others, have never been forgotten by clients.

To some people who have experienced extreme traumatic scenes, the service we provide is ‘godsend’. There are times when you’ll be relieved that there is someone you can call to help clean up your bedroom walls splashed with blood and brains. Yes, this scenario can be very disgusting. With the help of licensed and duly-trained professionals, you do not have to endure the burden of cleaning such a crime scene.

The outcome of an unattended death or a violent incident needs mandatory and regulatory management of hazardous pathogens and bio-waste, which can be made possible by a professional, reliable cleanup service is your most valuable commodity.

A lot of people have never faced traumatic situations of this kind, and certainly are not prepared to deal with it. Take time to read through other information regarding our services.

While it is expensive to properly and safely remediate a crime scene contaminated with both bodily fluids and blood-borne pathogens, the outcome of our services is worth every spent penny. We deliver only the best services and a fully safe and sanitized property will be recovered, once more.

In case you come across a traumatic scenario that requires crime scene cleaners, you can always call and rely that we will be there to help you 24/7. For inquiries and questions, you can contact us in many different ways. You can get the information through our Crime Scene Cleanup contact page.


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