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Death stinks, both literally and figuratively. No one but the experts at crime scene cleanup Virginia knows about this fact. Their job requires close encounters with death, or rather the dead that they have become too familiar with the smell and sight of blood. This messy profession is something that a few people have no choice but to admire. Crime scene cleanup jobs are tough, dirty, and awfully smelly, and people from the crime scene cleanup companies can boast their ability not to throw up during an aftermath cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleanup specializes in Emergency and Biohazard Cleanup Services all throughout West Virginia. In a biohazardous or an emergency situation, you will need a company which could respond quickly, handle all things in the most professional manner, document losses for the victim, family or business’ insurance company and do all other processes needed in the safest method to comply with the local and state laws. Most importantly, we show compassion and discretion at all times.

You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days  week. Immediately after your call, our trained specialists will respond in an instant and handle your situation with the care and attention as if we’re dealing with a family member or best friend. We are serving every city in West Virginia  with courteous and professional services. We firmly believe that a business that exists for money only does a poor service. There is much more to crime scene cleanup than just “cleaning” itself.

An emergency situation or Biohazard incident must never be cleaned by inexperienced, untrained cleaning crews or employees because this could lead to large fines. Our company’s cleaning technicians are highly experienced and trained in every aspect of building constructions, removal of blood-borne pathogens, safe waste disposal, and the implementation of sterile techniques in every step of the cleanup process.

Why Should You Hire Crime Scene Cleanup?

It is an unfortunate truth that most people find themselves caught in a scenario where they are surrounded by Biohazard materials. Biohazard materials, generally, include body fluids like blood and other kinds of secretions, medical waste, body parts, as well as microorganisms which might have harbored toxins and viruses that are capable of spreading diseases and infections. These are dangerous when improperly handled, which is why it’s always best to employ the services of professional Biohazard removal business to get rid of all these on the scene.

A crime scene cleanup company is committed to keeping their profession updated as much as possible with the new methods of cleaning up crime scenes. They are the only ones who can be trusted for this kind of job that does not only take care of the messy business, but also sees to it that every procedure is done according to standards. Crime scene clean up West Virginia specialists focus on the skills training and giving the workers updated information to protect them during every job. Their primary concern is to restore the crime scene into a livable environment, but they do not forgo the importance of staying safe on the job.

At Crime Scene Cleanup, we’ll make sure that the area is completely clean and safe for use right after the process.


The primary reason why you should hire an experienced, professional Biohazard cleanup company is to establish protection and safety not only for yourself, but for others who are exposed to the scene, also. Several Biohazard materials are carriers of harmful toxins and viruses, which could spread diseases and infection to people. If an untrained, non-professional cleaning technician attempts to perform the needed cleaning without proper safety precautions, he could be harming himself and others.

Biohazard cleanup crime scenes professionals are knowledgeable in the proper handling of Biohazard materials in the safest manner. Crime Scene Cleanup, for one, could remove these high-risk materials effectively and safely so anyone could reenter the area without the risk of acquiring an infection or disease.


The removal of Biohazardous materials from the crime scene is just only half of the picture; the scene should be sterilized right after a cleanup to so it could be safe to enter, once again. Our Crime Scene Cleanup professionals have undergone proper training with regards to effective and safe sterilization methods. Moreover, we have the proper disinfectants and the right equipment to completely sterilize a contaminated scene. It’s very important that effective and proper sterilization is done to prevent the spread of diseases and infections.

Crime Area Cooperation

Another important reason to employ a professional cleanup team is that these people are trained to work alongside law enforcers. There are scenarios that involve Biohazard materials brought about by suicides, accidents, homicides, and unattended deaths. Circumstances like these require special protocol, which should be followed to prevent cross-contamination that, at times, hinders the entire investigation process. Our Biohazard removal technicians are very familiar with these standard operating procedures and are well-trained to cooperate with the law enforcers in preserving evidence.

How to clean up a crime scene is the responsibility of the crime scene cleaning company. The usual home cleaning firms do not have the necessary crime scene cleanup certification that they need to present to the authorities for a trauma cleanup duty. Crime and death scene cleaning requires expertise as well as equipment that will make the room presentable and safe to live-in after the crime incident.

What Services Do We Offer?

If you are experiencing a tragic scenario that involves hazardous materials, call Crime Scene Cleanup now. We have professionals that have undergone proper and appropriate trainings in cleaning a contaminated scene in the most efficient and safest manner, sterilize all involved materials effectively, and follow mandated protocols in cases of crime and trauma scenes.

We do provide a wide range of services related to cleaning and sanitation. For example, we have specialized cleanup services that could address:

  • Biohazards
  • Infectious diseases
  • Crime scenes
  • Industrial spills or accidents

However, we do not limit our services to these. We, also do:

  • Fire and water damage cleanup
  • Mold remediation
  • Marijuana grow house clean up
  • Hoarding cleanup


Further, we deal with serious cleanup issues after someone has lost his or her life. Death, often, could lead to Biohazardous situations and inappropriate cleanup procedure could result in dangerous situations and large amount of fines could be a form of a punishment. We can guarantee you that we are licensed and trained!

In each of the situations listed above, we fully understand the need for these matters are immediate and that appropriate actions must be made all the time. We are here to provide help not only in the cleanup, but in getting fast and full compensation from your own insurance provider. Most of all, our trained professionals are capable of handling things safely and properly to bring back a contaminated area into its pre-disturbed condition.

Our main job is to take the “cleaning” burden out of your shoulders and bring everything back to normal as soon as possible.

If you are caught in the middle of a biohazardous situation, we fully understand that the most important things to be considered are the safety and quick cleanup. Upon our technician’s arrival, we’ll:

  • Assess the situation;
  • Document any loss;
  • Get rid of hazardous materials;
  • Disinfect both contaminated and uncontaminated materials;
  • Provide documentation to prove that the area’s been cleaned and disinfected by trained, professional cleanup technicians;
  • Render “go signal” that the house is livable, once again.

For this, we implement a 10-step process that immediately begins when our 24/7 Emergency response team attends to your emergency. Our 10-Step Response Process is:

  1. Call center (24/7) answered by our Chief of Operations
  2. Immediate, initial response with safe and appropriate resources
  3. We initiate and document your Insurance claim
  4. We immediately secure the area for safety purposes
  5. We instantly get rid of Biohazards from the scene
  6. We commence disinfection of Biohazards
  7. We disinfect the whole property, completely
  8. We render a Certified Clearance Test result
  9. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction
  1. We’ll deal with payments and insurers

Our work and personal commitment to all of our clients is to render superior Emergency and Biohazard cleanup services as well as follow all safety law governed by the West Virginia’s health department.

Crime and death scene cleaning is a business that is very helpful to the community. The police and investigators are the first authorities to arrive in the area, but they never stay to make the crime scene cleaner.

Crime scene cleanup West Virginia team, oftentimes, has to deal with the pending trauma scene cleanup plus take the role of making the family feel calm and collected while the job is not yet done. Most family members are severely affected by the incident that they tend to break down at the sight. It is agonizing enough to lose someone dear and being constantly reminded by the brutality of it is maddening. This bad image should not be forever imprinted on their memories, thus the need for professionals who can change this and make the picture better.

Do not leave your loved ones and property’s safety to unqualified cleanup technicians. If you’re in West Virginia, call Crime Scene Cleanup, we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We go the extra mile; we always strive to make a difference.


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