Excessive amounts of mold occur more frequently in hot and humid weather; as mold is a fungus that needs moisture to survive, thrive and become a real health problem. Our biohazard technicians offer mold remediation services across the nation, including New York and New Jersey, for residential and commercial properties and anywhere else mold may develop and cause an issue. Most every environment has a small amount of mold, which isn’t an issue. The issue usually occurs when a location has excessive amounts of mold that is clearly visual and growing fast; reasons for mold growth are flooding, poor ventilation, high amounts of condensation, water leaks and areas with constant moisture.

What is Mold?

Now that you know small traces of mold are pretty much everywhere, you might be curious as to what mold actually is… and rightfully so. Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that needs three things to develop: Water, Oxygen and Organic Material. These three things combined make the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold can be green, gray, black and even orange. When there is a visible presents of mold or your experiencing any of the symptoms above when in a certain room or building, there’s a good chance the property is experiencing high mold levels. If this is you, it’s time to call the certified mold remediation and removal specialists.

Mold Remediation Contractor

Our mold certified remediation contractors have the equipment, education, procedures and the chemicals to effective eliminate the hazardous mold presence in your home, office or another location. Depending on the surface and extent of mold our professionals will determine if remediation or removal of the contaminated surface is necessary. Our mold cleanup service always start with mold testing the environment.

Mold Cleanup & Removal

Technically, nothing can beat the services of professional mold removal companies for mold cleanup services because we have professional grade chemicals, not available to the general public, that are specifically designed for mold remediation. The usual home cleaning solutions cannot completely eradicate the formation of mold. Even bleach, which is a highly concentrated cleaning agent, has no effect against mold. Containing the problem by removing all mold contaminated materials will ensure the safety of the location and anyone that comes in contact with it. And prevent expensive health care bills down the road because of the long-term exposure.

Health Dangers of Molds

  • Sinus Pain
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Skin Irritation
  • Pulmonary Hemorrhage (Rare)
  • Memory Loss (Rare)

Prevent Mold Infestation

Since mold thrives in a moist environment, the first thing to do is to find the source of water. During good weather, if there’s damages repair them. If there’s holes in pipes be sure to dry all surfaces that experienced moisture, such as drywall, flooring, wood, and ceiling. It is often recommended to put a fan on anything for at least a couple hours after clean up. If the moisture isn’t due to damages, it may due to a poor ventilation, usually occurring in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Once a mold breakout happens and you see or feel the effects, contact us for our mold remediation specialists to come out to your location immediately.

Mold Remediation Service

Mold cleanup services are plenty these days. However, to ensure that all the money you pay is worth it, you must check the mold inspection service company’s credentials before signing the project. In some instances, a nasty black mold remediation may be required, thus the importance of commissioning a company that has expert personnel and the best equipment, like us, to ensure the most-positive outcome afterwards.

Contact our mold cleanup specialists for mold remediation or removal services for your residential or commercial property at 1-844-255-2461.

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