Rainy Day Thoughts: Flood & Water Remediation

Water can be great. It hydrates you when your doing physical activities, it cools you off on a hot summer day when your hanging out by the pool, and it cleanses you when your dirty after working a long, hard day at work.

When is it not great?

When it pours out, and causes flash flooding. Just like today (and many others) in the Northeast US.

Water can enter your home during heavy rainstorms and soak carpets, walls, furniture and your belongings. This isn’t even clean water. This is dirty water that pulls in dirt and debris from outside into your home. Even after the water dries up, it leaves behind mildew and mold, which will cause odors, especially on textile furniture/flooring.

So how can we help if you are starting to get flooding in your home?

The National Crime Scene Cleanup Association deals with flooding by going after the root of the problem. After all of the water in your home has been drained by suctioning every last possible drop, our technicians check all of the perimeters in the house to properly seal entry points in which the water entered in from. Once that is done, our technicians then utilize antimicrobial cleaning agents on the carpet. In most cases, the padding underneath the carpet will need to be discarded, due to the fact that carpet padding acts like a sponge. In some severe cases however, carpets sometimes will need to be discarded as well. Once the carpet is cleaned and sanitized, our technician will then strategically place dehumidifiers and air movers throughout the area that is affected to constantly move dry air, speeding up the drying process. In some cases, these air movers and dehumidifiers will need to stay on in the room up to 72 hours or more to ensure proper drying. Depending on how severe the flooding is, sometimes dry wall will need to be ripped out, being as that water will seep upwards from the base of a dry wall sheet.

In most homeowners insurance policies, flooding sourcing from exterior water coming in is NOT covered, unless you have specialized Flood Insurance. Only interior sourced water is covered(pipe burst within home, etc.) so be sure to contact your insurance company prior to find out what is and isn’t covered.

Stay Dry today, and call us if Mother Nature decides she’d like you to have an indoor swimming pool!



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