When death occurs due to natural causes, homicide, suicide or an accident, it can be hard to come to terms with. Crime Scene Cleanup is a company servicing New Jersey with assistance when individuals, families, companies or communities have experienced death and trauma that has left a location filled with the aftermath of what happened. Our services include the cleaning, sanitation and removal of any hazardous remains of the incident, after the authorities are finished.

The time after a loved one dies is lengthy and emotional. The list ranges from signing countless documents to planning a viewing, notifying friends, families and businesses, canceling accounts and sometimes consulting a lawyer to help you deal with wills, trusts, asset divisions, etc… All of these necessary actions add more stress to an already painful struggle. Though we can’t reverse, pause or fast-forward in times like these, Crime Scene Cleanup offers immediate, thorough and courteous death cleanup. If there is blood, bodily fluids or any other hazards where the death took place, it is crucial that it be cleaned by a professional. Not only can hiring someone else to clean up the death of your loved one ensure the area returns to safety, but it can also save you a lot of mental anguish.

New Jersey Suicide and Unattended Death Cleanup

Trauma scene cleanup is a specialized service that’s provided by a conscientious team who has the certifications, cleaning supplies, safety equipment and the protocol to completely restore any trauma scene back to its original setting. These people are commissioned to take care of the mess right after the police are done with their job in the investigation. Many times our professional cleanup services are covered by insurance. There’s a growing awareness to how crucial thorough cleaning is after a death and that awareness can help ensure safety and affordability for your circumstance.

Suicide Death Cleanup Services, NJ

After a suicide, a process is completed to identify the cause of death before declaring that no crime has been committed. Once the investigators are done, the family is left with the burden of dealing with the death of their family member and it does not help that they will also take care of the death cleanup. Our focus is to somehow lessen the reminders of the untimely death.

Cleaning up Death is an Emotional Process

Death cleanup, whether it be due to a homicide, suicide, or natural causes, is an emotional activity because of the questions left to the family. While the trauma clean up services do not cover the psychological needs for the surviving members of the family, they contribute a lot by removing all the traces of death, including blood stains and smell, ensuring that the messy picture of the death scene will be removed and hopefully only good memories of the dead remain.

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