Some situations cause the need for a non-lethal intermission, which can present itself in the form of tear gas, riot gas, CS, CN, pepper spray or mace. Though this chemical weapon has many names and forms, it is made up of even more compounds. These chemical mixtures prove to be hard to remove once exposed to an area and can leave a home, business or other locations uninhabitable. If you find yourself in this predicament and need an immediate, effective and professional solution Crime Scene Cleanup offers exactly what you need. We offer professional Tear Gas Cleanup Services for residential and commercial locations in every state across America, including New York and New Jersey. Our bio-hazard cleaning professionals have completed multiple certifications ensuring that they are proficient in effectively removing tear gas, riot gas and any other mixture of complex chemicals.

Chemical Remediation Services

Tear gas and riot gas has been scientifically designed to absorb, contaminate and overwhelm every element that has been exposed to it within a certain distance. Because of that, the residue isn’t easy to remove and it doesn’t just fade away. It needs to be excessively scoured and treated in order to be broken down and the threat of it be eliminated. Remediating the location means addressing all of its elements, from the HVAC system to the ceilings, floors, walls and each and every other surface. Our biohazard cleanup technicians can successfully complete what may seem to be the impossible task of removing all traces of tear or riot gas efficiently and immediately.

Tear Gas Exposure Can Cause:

  • Sense of Suffocation
  • Eye Tearing and Pain
  • Temporary Blindness
  • Loss of Motor Control
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Skin Irritation
  • Rare Cases have resulted in Death

Professional Tear Gas Cleanup Service

The most important aspect of tear and riot gas cleanup is that the individuals coming in contact with the contaminated location are protected with proper safety equipment, such as a respirator, hazmat suit and no exposed skin. Only then you can ensure that their focus is on the complete disinfection of the property and not a concern for their own safety. Our tear gas remediation professionals continue the remediation process by sectioning off areas and beginning the cleaning process from the farthest point away from the entrances and exits. It is also crucial to completely seal off and not re-enter rooms that have been successfully disinfected until the whole property is completely finished. This will prevent cross contamination, which is an important factor when dealing with thorough sanitation, especially when dealing with the fine particles that make up these complex chemical compounds.

Tear Gas Residue Removal

Tear gas is complex, dangerous, and proper treatment and removal may seem impossible when a tear gas, trashed property stands before you. But rest assured our team is trained and well equipped to handle even the most horribly coated property. We will test prior to cleaning and after our tear gas remediation process, to ensure there is no lingering hazards. We not only use surface treatments but also utilize air purifiers for any dust that becomes airborne while performing the sanitation process. Tear gas will not go away in a couple days, weeks, months or even years. It will linger on and continue to disrupt the eyes, airways and skin of anyone exposed to it. If you have a property that has experienced tear, riot or another kind of chemical weapon – you will need to seek out professional remediation services.

For immediate, complete and professional tear gas cleanup service for a property located anywhere within the USA contact Crime Scene Clean Up at 1-844-255-2461 any time.

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