Lately, new reports have been ringing the warning bell due to the statistical increase in Violent Crimes across the United States; everyone across our country has heard about the recent movie theater killings, it’s sad to talk about but someone has to clean up after these mass traumas. And other cities, such as Los Angeles, Baltimore, Atlanta and Chicago have registered an uptick in Shootings and Homicides with numbers ranging from 25 to 82.5 percent. There is disagreement as to why the violent crime rate has grown so rapidly and whether this violent trend will continue. At Crime Scene Cleanup we are prepared to assist with cleanup and restoration of Murder Scenes with single or multiple victims.1

Homicide with a Firearm

Homicides involving firearms create a very hazardous situation for the individuals who are tasked with the cleanup efforts. Crime Cleanup Experts are needed to safely and thoroughly remove all Blood, Body Fluids, Bone Fragments and Human Tissue from the scene. Contact with contaminated blood or body fluids may result in a life altering illness. Crime Scene Cleanup provides the highest level of expertise for Murder Scene Cleanup in America.

Increase in Violent Crime

As police departments across the country are dealing with an Increase in Violent Crimes, the citizens and experts are in dispute about what is causing this dangerous situation. Some point to recent protests that may be creating a war on law enforcement. Others believe that it is more of a rebound effect after crime decreased substantially since the 1990s.

Look at some of the staggering numbers of Violent Crimes, Homicides and Shootings being reported in US cities from the East Coast to the West Coast and places in between:

  • New York City, NY – 20% increase in murders
  • Milwaukee, WI – 180% increase in homicides
  • Chicago – 40% increase in shootings
  • Baltimore, MD – 82.5% increase in shootings
  • Dallas, TX – 10% increase in violent crimes
  • Atlanta, GA – 32% increase in homicides
  • Los Angeles, CA – 25% increase in violent crimes

Result of Violent Crimes

The result of violent crimes such as those taking place in some of America’s largest cities, rural areas and suburban communities is far too many people suffering the loss of someone they cared about.

Families or property owners are often left with the disturbing job of cleaning up the remains of another’s violent crime. This compounds the pain for family members who would rather remember their loved one in happier times and can compound the fear in anyone close to the victim or not. This is where the trusted team from Crime Scene Cleanup can step in to ease the burden and remove the visual and odorous remembrances of the crime.

Trusted Crime Scene Cleanup Professionals

Crime Scene Cleanup provides a needed service for grieving families across the country. Our Trusted Crime Scene Cleanup Professionals are available to handle Murder Scene Cleanup as well as other Violent Crimes. We have skilled technicians ready to help in cities including New York, Los Angeles, St Louis, Dallas, Baltimore and Atlanta. Wherever a homicide takes place, Crime Scene Cleanup can help.

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