New York Violent Crime Cleanup

Why Hire A Professional Crime Cleanup Company?

After a violent crime, the family should be given space to grieve, notify loved ones, and help the victim recover if they lived through the event, or make the necessary funeral arrangements in the event of their death. In either case, there are many things for friends and family to do — but they should always be spared the experience of trying to clean the crime scene after a horrific trauma. There are several important reasons for this:

  1. The crime scene itself is a visual reminder of the pain and suffering that your family member went through during the crime. Friends and family should limit their visits until the crime scene has been cleaned by a professional so as not to compound the grief, sadness, anger and emotion.
  2. All crime scenes are biohazard risks, which means that the blood, bodily fluids and remains left behind can cause health dangers for those who come into contact with it. Infection, bacteria and disease can easily be spread to other areas on shoes and clothing. Professional cleanup crews wear special protective gear to minimize cross-contamination and protect themselves.
  3. Cleaning the scene is difficult. Blood, bodily fluids and other residue from the crime can literally be anywhere in the general area of the crime. A crime scene crew has the equipment to find even microscopic traces of biohazardous materials and the cleaning products to thoroughly rid the area of all remains at the crime scene.
  4. Disposal of biohazardous materials is something that only a professional cleaning crew can handle.

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