Hoarding Cleanup Little Rock AKA Hoarding Disorder is a condition in which an individual has difficulty discarding possessions. People with this this disorder feel the compulsive need to save items and are distressed about getting rid of their possessions. A Hoarding Situation can range from household clutter to cramped, dangerous, unsanitary living conditions. The psychological impact can be just as hazardous but many who suffer from a hoarding disorder don’t think they have a problem. Crime Scene Cleanup provides Discrete and Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup Services in Little Rock, AR.

Discrete Hoarding Cleanup

The impact of a Hoarding Problem can range from mild to severe. Some people who suffer from this psychological disorder are able to function without much disruption in their everyday lives. Others who live in a hoarding situation have serious health and safety considerations.

Compassionate Cleaning For Hoarding Disorder

As a Professional Hoarding Cleanup Company, Crime Scene Cleanup understands both the physical and emotional ramifications of a hoarding household. Our technicians are trained in ways to approach the hoarding situation in a professional and compassionate manner.

Health and Safety Risks of Hoarding

Little is understood on how or why Hoarding Disorders develop in individuals. What is better understood is the Significant Health and Safety Risks involved:

  • Social isolation
  • Tripping hazards
  • Fire hazard with stacks of flammable papers and other materials
  • Inability to safely escape in case of a fire
  • Problem for first responders to enter the building in an emergency
  • Family problems
  • Financial problems
  • Structural damage and risk of building collapse
  • Legal problems with child welfare, landlords or neighbors
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Inability to bathe in a cluttered bathroom
  • Inhumane conditions for pets
  • Inability to cook meals in a crowded, unsanitary kitchen
  • Poor indoor air quality with allergens, mold and mildew
  • Biohazard materials such as sewage, animal feces, rotting food, rodent droppings, cockroach infestation, mold

Hoarding Help in Arkansas

Underneath all of the Clutter and Chaos is a person needing help. Crime Scene Cleanup is here to help individuals with a Hoarding Disorder and their families. We do not simply throw items away. We carefully sort through the piles of clutter to find valuables that may have been lost. Our Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup Services will help you get your life back.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services

Contact Crime Scene Cleanup for discrete help with getting your home and life back. Our Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup Services sift through all of the clutter and piles of possessions without embarrassment or shame. Individuals in Little Rock, Arkansas who suffer from Hoarding Disorder may not recognize that there is a problem. Our team is specially trained in how to restore the home to safe living conditions while empowering the individual to get their life back.

In Arkansas, contact Crime Scene Cleanup for Discrete Hoarding Cleanup Services. Toll Free 1-844-ALL-BIO2 (844-255-2462) or fill out our Online Form.