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About National Crime Scene Cleanup

The National Crime Scene Cleanup is a leading, fully licensed nationwide emergency cleanup company with over 20 years of experience.

Types of Cleaning Services Offered

NCSC cleaners are licensed and certified to remediate all biohazards, from bodily fluids to medical waste.

Crime scenes leave potentially fatal biohazards, including fingerprint powder that must be professionally removed.

Compassionate, empathetic, knowledgable service dedicated to restoring some hope and peace of mind during a tragic time.

Any where there may be biohazards, a NCSC cleaner can help. Hypodermic needles, blood, or drug residue can all be remediated--even if it's from a car.

The History of NCSC

The National Crime Scene Cleanup (NCSC) is a proud American owned and operated company founded in 2014 by a New York biohazard crew whose combined experience spans over 20 years. NCSC was founded to fill the gaps in local communities that needed trauma cleaning and biohazard remediation services.

Through the staff's dedication, the NCSC staff quickly proved these services essential and became the surrounding community and law enforcement's preferred referral. Today, NCSC operates as a 24 hour emergency cleanup service in thousands of municipalities along the 48 contiguous US.

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National Crime Scene Cleanup (NCSC) 
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Fast Facts



NCSC has crews stationed all throughout the contiguous United States.

5 Star Reviews

Every year, NCSC eases the burden to thousands of families. Take a look at some of NCSC's many testimonials.


Being a licensed nationwide company means that NCSC works within hundreds of laws and regulations.

years of experience

NCSC has been in business for over 20 years, which means that NCSC crews have seen it all.


  • Fantastic work and 5 ++ star customer service. Sal handled everything for me during this difficult time and genuinely cared about me and my home. Miguel and team went above and beyond to get the job done and helped me get ready for superstorm Henri!! My floor looks beautiful ! Thank you for everything!
    Deborah Stark
  • Where to begin...Calvin was amazing from the beginning and helped our family every step of the way during a very emotional time for us. Genuinely was compassionate and wanted the best for us. We did not have to think twice or worry about anything. He handled it all. The team was at our house within 24 hours and the place was spotless. Thank you so much for everything!
  • Excellent work and fantastic customer service. Thank you NCSC for your outstanding work and professionalism. This was a very difficult time for my family and I yet you helped make it easier. On behalf of my family, we thank you for everything. You're a true "gentleman"!
    Scott C
  • Very attentive professional group of workers who take their clients and jobs very seriously. This company acts fast and treats everyone involved with the utmost respect and compassion there is, knowing that the job was done right with such quality as theirs gave me so much reassurance. I would trust and recommend them with any clean up job.
    Katelin Kasten
  • My family and I suffered a terrible loss with the suicide of my father. When we called to higher a cleaning company we got an amazing person named Judy who helped us with more then we needed. She then sent one of there employees to our house the next day, his name was Salvatore. My fiance and I were going through a lot and Sal reassured us that everything would be handled accordingly and we had nothing to worry about. It was not just an employee to client relationship, Sal made us feel like friends and that he was helping a family or a friend not just another client with the clean up. I have never seen someone work so hard with such dedication to saving our possessions. He truly gave it 100% and then went above and beyond that with helping us find one of my father's valued possessions. He was an honest, loyal, trustworthy, respectable man who I know helped my family and I through a time that could have been much more difficult it he had not done all he had. Thank you Salvatore! The Castellez family.
    Kelani Castellez
  • Amazing Company. During devastating time for our family, their professionalism, empathy and ability to get the job done in an outstanding manner helped us get back into our home. I would recommend them to anyone in need of this service.
  • NCSC and its staff are truly amazing and very helpful. They were very compassionate with the circumstances that took place. Everyone was very professional and did an amazing job. I recommend them above anyone else in the industry.
    Kaylie Erhart
  • NCSC was sensitive and understanding of a very difficult situation. Their Team was professional and throughout in handling what was, at best a horrific scenario. Was very glad to have them to call. I give my highest recommendation.
    Robert Sands
  • I have only recently had the mental disposition and ability to leave a review, but had promised myself I would. If you happen to be searching for this sort of service, you're well aware of the awful types of circumstances that have brought you here, and, likely, the associated grief. I can't say enough good things about the respect, courtesy and professionalism that NCSC provided. I don't wish the need to use this type of service to anyone, however contact NCSC should you have to.
    Jason Lopes
  • I work as a social worker at a public hospital system classified as a Level 1 Trauma Center. Unfortunately, many of the trauma's we see require an extensive crime scene clean-up in order for the patients to be able to return to their homes. Fortunately for my patients, I was able to find the National Crime Scene Cleanup. Over the years that I have worked with this company, they never cease to amaze me. I always collaborate with Judy DeSantiago who is beyond receptive to my patient's needs and is always willing to adapt to their unique situations. National Crime Scene Cleanup accepts the payment offered by the Office of Victim Services, unlike many other crime scene clean-up companies who do not. They have always been sensitive to my patient's needs and are prepared to clean as soon as the same day in some cases. I can't recommend this company enough! At a time when you need them most, they are always available and sensitive to each and every situation.
    Lauren Clifford
  • NCSCA did an amazing job with the mold in my mother’s basement. Everyone was really friendly and knowledgeable that made mom VERY happy! Highly recommend A++
    Nicholas Prainito
  • I would recommend this company to anybody!! Very professional, punctual and reliable. The employees were very courteous and when the job was done one would've never known that we even had the damage that we haved. Thank you!!!
    Dominick Zulferino
  • Absolutely amazing company was referred by one of the police officers who must've use their services previously can't thank him enough have written his superior officer a letter of thanks and praise thank you again for all your help compassion
    Toniann Lopez
  • You guys we're so unbelievably helpful. Roy and the crew were here within an hour and a half at 11 o clock at night to help me get everything cleaned up after the police left. Everyone here was so supportive and made me feel like i had friends by my side that night. Thank you.
    Mark Somers
  • We experienced a terrible tragedy and national crime scene was there when we were distraught and in need of help. I praise the Lord they came to our rescue. God is great!!
    Roy Spitzer
  • Extremely Professional and compassionate. Can't recommend enough. Please do you and your family a favor and call these guys when you're left with an unspeakable situation.
  • Professional, well trained, and did exactly what they said they would do for the price given. These guys are excellent and I would definitely hire them again. 👍🏻👍🏻
    Michael Mennella
  • NCSCA was extremely knowledgeable and fast (were able to respond within 3 hours). Can't recommend enough. A++
    Hector Pride
  • This company always does a great job . I would use them again and again . Thank you for the great work . Job well done
  • In the unfortunate situation that you need help with a tragedy, NCSC will make a difficult time somewhat more manageable. Thank you.
    Pasquale DeBenedictis
  • Great service. Quick and well organized had no problems. Would recommend to anyone.
  • All of James's assistance during the whole insurance process was invaluable. Thanks James!
    Jamie Bennick
  • Extremely professional company to work with!!
    Jennifer Rubino
  • Amazing work
    Ava J.
  • They arrived quickly and got the job done fast and I wanted to say thank you to the entire team for helping my family and I during a hard time. Such a hassle-free experience, great customer service, they're definitely the best in the business.
    Gloria M.

NCSC Certifications

The National Crime Scene Cleanup is certified by all local and federal authorities.

Read More on OSHA.gov

How It Works

Removing a biohazard is not as simple as most day to day cleaning tasks.
  • Initial ResponseWe Listen To Your Situation

    NCSC's friendly representatives listen to your situation and takes down your information. This is used to bill insurance and help prep our teams with the proper equipment and supplies.
  • Dispatch & RestorationTesting & Treatment

    NCSC crews arrive dressed in the appropriate PPE. Using cutting edge technology and remediation techniques, cleaners conduct testing and use EPA registered disinfectants to properly treat the job. Each situation is different: a friendly representative walks through the process before dispatch.
  • FinalizationJob is Closed

    After everything has been fully treated and restored to safety standards per OSHA regulations, the client signs off on the work and the job is closed. During this stage, NCSC also works with the client's insurance.

What's It Like Being a Crime Scene Cleaner?

It's not a job for everyone, that's for sure. The life of a crime scene cleaner challenges you mentally, physically, and emotionally. The rewards of helping families during the worst times makes it all worthwhile. If you're curious, or have an interest in pursuing a career of crime scene cleaning yourself, feel free to read more about the job from the point of view of the cleaners below.
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