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Situations like these cannot wait. Call our professional decomposition teams any time the unexpected happens.

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What is an Unattended Death?

An unattended death is any type of situation where a body has began decomposing for a period of time without anyone's knowledge. When a body has been left to decompose for several weeks or months, the amount of biohazards present multiply expotentially. 8 out of 10 times these situations have the presence of maggots, decomposition flies, bugs, bodily fluids, and more.

If you're in this situation, it's perfectly natural to hear about an unattended death for the first time. Thousands of families encounter these situations daily and 99% of them never expected it. There's no reason to feel guilty or obligated to handle it alone.

The specialists at National Crime Scene Cleanup Association (NCSC) are mentally and physically trained to protect the health of your family and the surrounding community. Thanks to these services, you can focus on what's important during this difficult time, oftentimes at no cost to you.

Emergency nationwide crews are available 24/7/365 with the proper equipment and supplies to restore the property. Call anytime.

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Do Not Clean Up After A Death In Your Home

How An Unattended Death is Properly Cleaned

Don't risk your health by attempting to clean up the unattended death yourself. Professional death cleaners work in crews and are professionally licensed and experienced to handle every situation. They use equipment and supplies you aren't expected to have. Below is a general overview of how the crews professionally restore properties.

NCSC's Certifications

To read more about biohazardous waste laws, please see the respective governmental websites below:

NCSC teams are fully licensed and trained by the applicable organizations of which they are servicing. Help is just a phone call away. Call the NCSC hotline 24/7/365 for immediate assistance. 

It Can Happen To Anyone--At Any Time

These circumstances are unfortunate and unexpected. It's important to remember you have the help you need.
Below are a few real life situations that NCSC crews have made a difference for.

JoAnn lives alone, except for 15 cats and six dogs. Technically a hoarder, law enforcement is accustomed to receiving calls from her neighbors about noxious odors. One day JoAnn’s situation and illness overwhelms her to the point of suicide. She isn’t discovered for six weeks, and unfortunately found in addition to the deaths of her many animals. NCSC is called to remediate the decomposition of human and animal bodies, accumulation of animal waste, and her hoarding habits after her estate becomes the responsibility of an estranged sibling.

Factors That Affect The Cost

Hundreds of Nationwide Homes Pick NCSC Annually

Rated Five Stars By Families Like Yours

For over 20 years, NCSC is honored to offer a high level of standard that has attained many five star reviews by many nationwide families like your's. How have we done it?

Our teams of professionals know the seriousness and potential severity of these situations. Whether you were surprised to find a large amount of mold while completing your latest remodeling project or you have lost a loved one recently due to an act of violence (so sorry for your loss), we are here and qualified to help you through these situations and ensure you and the public’s physical and mental wellbeing is protected.

Our service response times are typically immediate or next day for both residential and commercial properties and vehicles.

Although we are not going through your situation directly, we know how tragic and sensitive these circumstances can be. We treat every situation and family with the utmost respect and compassion, hoping that our services can help offer you some peace of mind and safety.

We are considerate to the circumstances that have occurred through no fault of your own. Time is something we can’t get back, don’t waste or make your life more difficult by attempting to clean the situation up personally. The dangers of doing so are potentially traumatic. Trust our thorough, professionally trained staff and know we are equipped to handle the situation efficiently.

Insurance covers most of our services so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. Although each individual policy is different, our compassionate representatives will help try to determine the most affordable solution for you. We work tirelessly to find a way, whether we personally work with your insurance adjuster, seek out helpful victim financial programs, or put in place a payment plan you can afford….don’t look past our services because you don’t think you can afford them; it’s often quite the opposite.

Cost & Flexible Payment Options

Unattended death costs are based on a sliding scale using several different factors, which is why calling is the best method for an accurate estimate. Prices can start from $3,500+, though most situations are covered by insurance.

Please speak with a NCSC representative to discuss further.

Insurance Accepted

Nearly all incidents are covered by homeowners, renter's, or other property insurance. NCSC works with several major insurance providers. A representative can assist you through the claims process when you call.

Credit or Debit Card

NCSC accepts all major credit or debit cards through a secure third party payment processing vendor, so all of your information stays confidential and encrypted at the highest level throughout the transaction process.


For your convenience, NCSC accepts all checks, banker or otherwise, so long as they are lawfully written and issued by a valid bank.

Victim's Resources

The federal government has funds available to victims of crime that are paid for by the convicted offender. Feel free to ask for more information about the Crime Victims Fund when you call.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the emotions you're going through during this troubling time are valid. The confusion you are experiencing is also normal and to be expected. NCSC representatives can assist you with any concerns or questions you may have, even if the ones below don't address it.

1What is the difference between an unattended and an attended death?

An attended death is the term used to describe any patients that pass away in a hospital, long term care facility, under hospice care, or in the presence of another within 30 days of seeing a doctor.

You can think of it as the opposite of an unattended death--where someone has passed and left to the elements for an undefined period of time.

2Who reports an unattended death?

A neighbor, a family member, a landlord, law enforcement, or any civilian that discovers a decomposing body can report an unattended death.

3Does renter's insurance cover costs?

Most major renter's insurance providers do cover costs, though some policies do vary. Please check with your NCSC representative when you call.

4As a property manager, how can you be prepared?

Property managers can conduct a plan should these situations occur. Tenants should be on the lookout for flies on the windows, strong odors, a buildup of mail near the front of the door, or no contact from the tenant for a long period of time.

Property managers can conduct check-ins after a long period of time, possibly based on a rotating schedule. Many keep NCSC on retainer for situations where a body has been discovered.

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