Tips When Calling

It is imperative that when confronted with a traumatic situation in your home or business, that you act quickly and calmly. Here are a few basic tips when calling to help expedite our services to you, to help us get to you fast, along with a few tips to keep you out of harm, and level headed during this increasingly hard time.

Click on any of the tabs on the left to see some handy tips and things to prepare for when calling National Crime Scene Cleanup. These tips will expedite the whole process enabling us to help you and your family or business faster.

It can be hazardous to your physical and mental well being.

Under no circumstances, should you enter the scene, whether it be your home, or a room in your home. The mental stress you could undergo by seeing the aftermath of a scene is too much to bare. Also in some situations, blood borne pathogens can exist in body fluids, and by exposing yourself to the area it occurred in, you present yourself to possible infection.