Almost 600 Under Ebola Surveillance in Mali

Because of the surging cases of Ebola in Mali, the country placed nearly 600 Malian under Ebola surveillance.

On Monday, the Malian officials met to discuss increasing the security at the border in connection to the two new confirmed Ebola cases in Guinea – a neighbor.

The airports in the US also announced to start heightening their screening of travelers from the West African nations.


Mali is doing everything to prevent minor Ebola outbreak into turning a major crisis. This is after the deaths of a Guinean imam and the Malian nurse who treated him. Also, the friend who had visited the Guinean imam dies of a probable Ebola.

The Malian president urged the locals to take all necessary precautions in the country’s war against Ebola. During the presiden’ts trip to Kouremale, Health Minister Kone said that 577 people were under daily monitoring for Ebola symptoms.

Several teams of investigators are tracking health workers and souring Bamako and the Mali-Guinea border for people who could have been exposed to the imam and the nurse.

On Friday, the World Health Organization announced that the Ebola outbreak has killed 5,177 people and infected over 14,000 people. The first case of Ebola started in December and almost entirely confirmed to West Africa. Furthermore, the death rate of Ebola virus in west Africa reached around 70 percent.

The US authorities started to enhance Ebola screenings of travelers from Mali, adding it to the three other west African countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Preventive measures are in place to prevent Ebola virus from entering the US territories. Mali was recently added because of the number of confirmed cases in the country

A large number of people have been exposed to Ebola cases in Mali. Enhancing the screenings of travelers from Mali as a precaution because of the possibility that additional cases of Ebola may emerge in Mali in the coming days.

There are around 15-20 travelers arriving to the United States from Mali daily. They will be checked for fever and will be subjected to the 21-day monitoring and monitoring protocols that travelers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone observe.

As the Ebola virus threatens to spread in other countries of the world, precautionary measures are already in place in several countries. Ebola awareness is also taking hype in various media to create consciousness and understanding about the virus. The fight against Ebola is still ongoing, and Mali is on the verge of going into an all-out war against Ebola.

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