Biohazard Waste Removal OHSafe Biomedical Waste Management starts with Trained Biohazard Cleanup and Removal Technicians. There are strict regulations on the handling of potentially infectious materials. Crime Scene Cleanup provides safe and sanitary removal and transportation of Biohazardous materials including Medical Waste. Our Biohazard Cleanup technicians in Ohio have undergone training on protocols for safely removing and transporting biologically hazardous materials.

Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazards include biomedical waste as well as household and industrial waste, they do not all have that handy little biohazard symbol that shows that they are present. Each biohazardous material poses a potential risk to public health or the environment. As such, Biohazard Cleanup is a specialized technique that involves safety equipment, cleaning equipment and powerful disinfectant.

Precautions must be taken to avoid contamination with any number of hazardous materials or bloodborne pathogens. This is a job for highly trained professionals with a deep understanding of Biohazard Cleanup Protocols. Ohio residents can trust the strict attention to detail followed by the experts from Crime Scene Cleanup.

Biomedical or Infectious Waste

Many organizations deal with Biomedical Waste every day. There is always the potential for contact with infectious waste if proper procedures are not followed. The treatment of Infectious Waste in the State of Ohio is closely regulated by the Ohio EPA. They regulate the generation and authorized treatment methods of materials including:

  • Blood from humans and animals
  • Sharps including needles and lancets
  • Cadaver tissue
  • Contaminated laboratory waste
  • Surgical waste
  • Cultures
  • Saliva contaminated with blood
  • Blood contaminated vaginal secretions and semen
  • Items that have been contaminated with any of the above

Facilities in need of Biomedical Waste Management Solutions include:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Dental Clinics
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Renal Care Facilities
  • Mortuaries
  • Cancer Centers
  • Pediatric Practices
  • Research Facilities

Biohazard Cleanup and Remediation Services are warranted in situations where there has been significant blood loss or the threat of blood contamination. Crime Scene Cleanup follows strict guidelines for blood cleanup and removal of biohazard materials. A crime scene, accident scene or hoarding situation each has the potential to put the public at risk. Our technicians use protective hazmat gear and perform proper decontamination procedures.

Trained Biohazard Cleanup and Removal Technicians

Call Crime Scene Cleanup if you are in need of Safe Cleanup, Disposal or Transportation of Biohazardous or Infectious Waste. Our highly trained Biohazard Cleanup and Removal Technicians provide professional services across the state of Ohio. We understand and adhere to all Ohio EPA regulations for the treatment of biohazard materials.

Crime Scene Cleanup Certified Technicians are experts in Biohazard Cleanup in situations including Trauma, Violent Crime, Auto Accidents, Hoarding, Suicide and Unattended Death.

In Ohio, contact Crime Scene Cleanup for Biohazard Cleanup and Removal at 1-844-255-2461.