Crime Scene Cleaner Video Game

Crime Scene Cleaner Video Game

If you have been following us for a while you might have seen our past article about a game we were developing called “Safeguard”. The goal of this game was to give players an interactive virtual experience from the point of view of a crime scene cleaner. Well it looks like someone beat us to it, although not in the same exact way. On April 4th 2024, 12:30 UTC the much anticipated game “Crime Scene Cleaner” released a free prologue on Steam which allows players access to one mission. This gives people a chance to experience the gameplay and learn about the story of the main character.

Here we are going to cover the “Crime Scene Cleaner” video game and explain how it differs from what we do in our industry.

Crime Scene Cleaner Video Game

Crime Scene Cleaner is an upcoming video game developed by President Studio S.A. which is expected to release some time in Q2 of 2024. With the recent release of it’s prologue we can gain some insight about this game. The main character in the game is a janitor who has a terminally ill daughter and when insurance companies won’t cover the medical expenses he is forced to resort to working for some shady people. Using his janitorial skills he begins working for the mafia cleaning up after their dirty work. Take a look at the gameplay trailer below:

Equipped with an arsenal of cleaning supplies you will have to dispose of dead bodies, clean up blood, get rid of odor and coverup evidence all while racing against the clock before the police arrive. Some interesting features of the game include:

  • Manage Your Equipment: Every job requires a unique approach. Before each mission you can check your inventory and make sure your prepared for each job. Maybe you need to replace old lamps and flashlights or you might need to upgrade your power washer nozzles.
  • Opportunities To Make More Money: While on the job you may come across valuable items that the deceased left behind. They don’t that expensive watch anymore, remember you have a daughter in the hospital. But be careful each item you steal increases your suspicion level which could result in failing the mission.
  • Cleaner’s Sense: Activate your “Cleaner’s Sense” to see any spots you may have missed
  • Getting Rid Of Evidence: Any incriminating evidence needs to be disposed of such as bullets, shell casings and DNA. You can even hack into the CCTV to remove incriminating footage.

The prologue has been positively received leaving many excited for the release of the full game.

Safeguard: A Virtual Crime Scene Experience

At National Crime Scene Cleanup we had an idea a while back to create an educational virtual reality experience that gave people an idea of what goes into this unique job. Obviously that didn’t pan out but with the upcoming release of the Crime Scene Cleaner video game we feel the need to make sure there is no confusion between what we do and what the character in the game does.

First thing is that we obviously don’t work for the mafia. Our job is not to cover up a crime scene but to cleanup after the scene is investigated. By the time our cleaners show up the police have gathered the evidence the need and the bodies have been removed from the scene. Our responsibility is to then thoroughly clean the remaining blood and bodily fluids making sure the entire area is disinfected leaving no trace of potential bloodborne pathogens and foul odors.

How Safeguard Teaches Crime Scene Cleanup

Like we said the purpose of safeguard was to be educational so that both the general public and crime scene cleaners in training can learn about what the job entails. In order to achieve this we created a few “scenes” in the game. One scene is the main warehouse where the cleanup company is working out of. Here is where the vehicles are deployed with a cleaning crew and all the equipment is stored. Here is where you can familiarize yourself with all the chemicals and cleaning supplies used during the job.

From the warehouse you can travel to another scene which is an office where a murder had taken place. Here you will see blood spilled on various surfaces each requiring a unique method of cleaning or disposal. This will teach you what materials and surfaces can be salvaged and what needs to be discarded.

Here is a preview:

How Safeguard Teaches Crime Scene Cleanup

The idea behind this game is to no only give people the virtual experience of being a crime scene cleaner but also educate them on the more technical aspects of the job. If executed correctly this game could potentially serve as a training module to get future technicians prepared for the job.

What Makes Us Different

Now even we have to admit, it’s definitely way cooler to play a game where you’re working for the mafia, disposing of dead bodies and getting rid of evidence. While our idea of a crime scene cleaning game may not have the same appeal it does bring light to a very important industry that often goes unnoticed and taken for granted.

As a leader in the industry National Crime Scene Cleanup aims to set itself apart. Our core principles revolve around empathy and ethics. We understand that our clients are often dealing with difficult and traumatic situations so we approach every job with the utmost sensitivity and respect. Our team of highly trained crime scene cleaners are dedicated to providing thorough, efficient, and discreet services, ensuring that every scene is cleaned to the highest standards of safety and sanitation.

Additionally, we are committed to transparent communication and fair pricing, making sure our clients feel supported and informed every step of the way. By consistently upholding these values, we not only deliver exceptional service but also build lasting trust with those we serve. This dedication to excellence is what truly sets National Crime Scene Cleanup apart from the rest.