Crime Scene Cleanup is an experienced company working in the meticulous field of cleaning up homicide, suicide, trauma, death and accident scenes in Franklin, New Jersey. Our professional biohazard cleanup technicians are dedicated to helping people and communities heal after sudden, and often tragic, losses. We have been providing cleaning services to homeowners, business owners and the American public for well over 20 years, complete with our sincere compassion for each and every sanitation assignment we take. It’s our business to concentrate on the recovery of a location where a crime or accident took place, so that you may focus on the issues that matter most to you during this difficult time.

Certified Crime Scene Cleaning Franklin

It’s not often the first thing that people think of after a traumatic incident, or even the seventh thing, but it’s just as crucial as the other steps involved in the recovery process: cleaning up the scene. Sadly, after the sirens fade into the distance and the news crews leave, there is a grotesque mess left for the family, friends, victims, and property owners of despicable acts to clean up. Crime Scene Cleanup is a company that tries to alleviate some of the agony that a crime or accident has left on your doorstep. Our crime scene cleaning technicians have seen the realities of atrocious violence because many of them are or have been EMTs, firefighters, military personnel, and police officers, and they offer their services again to households and communities battling to get through sorrowful times. We provide our services to you the best way we know how: cleaning, sanitizing and restoring a location in which a barbaric act took place; we ensure that life will flourish there again.

Franklin Certified Crime Scene Technicians

For the benefit of health and public welfare, there is a responsibility for the proper disinfection of crime scenes in Franklin that have spilled blood, body tissue or fluids. All such substances can present terrible health risks when not fully sanitized. Health risks include bloodborne pathogens, harmful bacteria, viruses and diseases. Our team of trained biohazard cleanup technicians have taken multiple training courses, have successfully restored many locations and have the best safety equipment on the market today. We ensure our technicians aren’t worried about their risks so they can instead focus on eradicating yours.

It’s inconceivable to even think about cleaning the remnants of a loved one after they were unexpectedly ripped from your life. Unfortunately, that idea will eventually cross the minds of people dealing with unexpected loss, or it will be suggested by law enforcement. Options will then have to be considered: clean up the scene, or hire outside help to do the chore. No one steps up to the plate, except for professionals like us. We hate to see extended suffering. It’s awful to see people fighting to get through painful times like this, but you don’t have to do it on your own.

Insurance Covered Crime Scene Cleanup

After the accused is caught and booked, the health risks of a crime scene are still there because blood and other remnants – toxins – contaminate the area. If money is the reason behind sanitizing a scene yourself, we would like to make it known that most homeowner and other insurance policies cover our biohazard cleanup services after a crime or trauma event. We will work with your individual policy before and after cleanup process. If funds are tight but not the deciding influence in your decision to hire us to restore your home, business or other property, we can also help you seek funding through specific State Crime Victim Reimbursement Programs, accept credit cards and arrange payment plans on a sliding scale.

Don’t face deplorable scenes alone. Let our professionals return your property to a safe and sanitary condition so that no further risks come from the event that has happened. We are here for you 24/7/365, always handling your case with total care and confidentiality, and responding to your call in a prompt manner. Contact Crime Scene Cleanup Franklin for crime, trauma or suicide cleanup help today at 1-844-255-2461.

A number of us have probably heard of the crime scene cleanup industry thanks in part to the plentitude of crime and investigative television shows, but only a few people have any specific knowledge about these professionals and what they do every day.

What is Crime Scene Cleanup?

Crime scene cleanup describes the process of cleaning and sanitizing areas tainted by body fluids and other possibly infectious substances. We remove the remnants that authorities don’t take away from the scene. Incidents that require crime scene and trauma scene cleanup are the following:

  • Suicides
  • Accidents or acts of intentional harm and/or intentional self-harm
  • Decomposition or unattended death
  • Homicides
  • Animal biohazards (e.g. feces or blood)
  • Mass trauma
  • Infectious disease contamination
  • Industrial accidents
  • Biotech crime scene clean up
  • Regulated waste transport, treatment, and disposal

Who Cleans up Crime Scenes?

Crime scene cleaning services basically started as regional or local small business ventures, but as the industry has grown and the service has become more accepted, some of those small businesses have also expanded into larger outfits. Though there are only a few nationwide companies that exist and primarily clean up crime scenes, several restoration companies have included crime scene cleanup and biohazard removal in their list of services. However, because of the ethical and legal complications that come with aftermath crime scene cleanup, biohazard crime scene clean up is often separated into its own business entity or division.

Our certified crime scene cleaning technicians are skilled in empathy and compassion when engagin with victims and family members. Crime scene cleaners have to have these three important (3) attributes: a steel stomach, the capability to rationally detach themselves from their work, and extended amounts of sympathy. Cleaning crime scenes can be a deeply emotional job.

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