Crisis Cleanup: Overcoming a Tragedy

Upset family experiencing a crisis.

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No one wants to think about tragedies occurring in their own home. The emotional damage alone can be overwhelming, couple that with any property damage to your home and the tragedy is compounded.  A little bit of forethought on the subject will help you to be prepared if the unthinkable ever does happen.

If you know who to call and what to do in the event of a tragedy, you will be better prepared to begin the very important step of recovery. A crisis cleanup team can help you safely clean up and move past tragedy.

The Crime Scene

Every situation is different, but most crime scenes leave a mess that the average person is not used to seeing. If a gun or knife was involved, there could be a shocking amount of blood. To give a visual, the human body contains somewhere near a gallon and a half of blood.

Depending on how long the bodies were left there the decay and dried blood can pervade every crevasse of the room. The blood can soak through carpet and settle on the floor beneath. The mess is usually something that an average person can’t effectively clean up, even if they believe that they can.

Specifically, in situations where there is only a very small amount of blood, even an amount barely visible to the human eye, it is remarkably unsafe to attempt to perform trauma cleanup yourself. It is imperative that a professional is present to quickly and effectively eliminate the threat of any blood-borne pathogens spreading. This is all in addition to the emotional trauma that cleaning up the aftermath of a crisis can leave on a person not professionally trained for this.

Crisis being cleaned up behind yellow tape.What To Do First

If you walk into a home in which a murder, suicide, unattended death, assault, or any other trauma has occurred, you will probably be emotionally overwhelmed. Your first step must be to call the police, even before the crisis cleanup commences. Even if you think that you know exactly what happened you must call the police and allow them to isolate and investigate the scene.

Calling the police first gives them the best opportunity to determine the cause of death and if there was any foul play involved. If there was foul play, early access to the scene will help them to catch the guilty party(ies). Calling the police first does not only help the police to find the truth, it also protects you. If you delay or disturb the scene, you may make yourself a suspect.

When the police and emergency services arrive, expect that you may be restricted from entering the scene, or your home, while they investigate. They may also take things from the house that may be important to the investigation. Make sure that you keep an inventory of what they take so that you can retrieve them in the future if you would like.

Do Not Disturb the Crime Scene

Your first reaction when you walk into a very messy scene in your home may be to try to clean it up. As alluded to above, do not touch anything near the scene of the tragedy. Even something as small as picking up a spilled mug or moving a chair can destroy or conceal vitally important evidence. The police must find the scene exactly as it was left.

Additionally, the scene could leave very biologically unsafe conditions. An average citizen does not have the proper equipment or materials to effectively clean up a crime scene. It is difficult to stress just how important it is to leave a crime scene alone until after the investigation is complete.

Once the police deem the area ready to be cleaned, the next crucial step to returning the scene to it’s pre-trauma state would be to contact a professional crisis cleanup company, such as National Crime Scene Cleanup.

Call the Professionals

After a tragedy, the survivor(s) want their space back to normal as soon as possible. Often times, this person will contact a typical cleaning service company. They will not take on the task in most cases, and if they do, they are not a reputable company. Regular cleanup services are not equipped to perform crime scene cleanups, and they are doing a disservice to you and your safety if they believe that they can take care of situations struck with tragedy.

National Crime Scene Cleanup is a nationwide cleanup company that specializes in biohazard cleanup. They understand the importance of getting your home back to normal after a tragedy, and they work with a sense of urgency to allow their clients to return back to their pre-crisis state as soon as possible. They have the ability, expertise, and equipment to get the scene cleaned up so that you can get back to normal.

Now that you have given the matter some thought, read up some more on the blog, and checkout all of the cleanup services that are provided. Discover how our nationwide trauma and crisis cleanup crews can help you to heal. Sorting all of this out before anything happens can help you to recover faster, if one day a tragedy does occur.

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