Hoarding: Reclaim your home, reclaim your life.


Compulsive Hoarding Disorder is a behavior in which the person affected has no desire to discard large quantities of objects throughout their personal living space. It directly impacts their health and safety, as well as puts a stress on family members and friends. Although deeply rooted as a mental impairment, compulsive hoarders often wish to have a clean living space, just lack the will to detach themselves from objects in their homes. Most items they hoard have some significance to them, and they find it difficult to part ways with the items.

Over the course of many years, this collection of objects, items and/or junk can accumulate to filling an entire home, wall to wall, floor to ceiling, front door to back door. With some help from family or friends, or even in some severe cases, professional psychiatric help, compulsive hoarders can turn a corner and make the huge step in cleaning up their homes, and better their lives. The rubbish and items that once congested their homes, can be cleaned up, and they’ll have a fresh, new start on life, in a clean, comfortable home.

The first step in moving towards a clutter-free home is recognizing there is a problem. Most hoarders do not believe their tendency to keep every item, box, bag or piece of trash is a problem. If you suffer from hanging on to every item such as junk mail, newspapers, broken items, trash, promotional items, empty food containers, etc., it’s important you reach out for help. There are lots of resources, professionals and help groups, as well as your own family or friends that are there to help you live a clutter-free life. Once the problem is self identified, the next major step is cleaning the home. Sometimes, if hoarding is left to continue for many years, a massive amount of objects and rubbish can accumulate, to the point where it seems near impossible for a cleanup push to make any significant impact. That’s where we come in.

The National Crime Scene Cleanup Association has been handling hoarding clean up projects for years. Our technicians specialize in helping people sort through the years of collected items, keeping only what is important, and helping restore your home. Often, if boxes and trash have been accumulating for years, there could be insect infestations, or mouse/rat infestations. Not to mention all the bacteria and smells that could come from decomposing food/garbage. Our technicians after eliminating all trash from the home, properly sanitize and disinfect all surfaces in your home. Odors that were persistent and foul are now gone. You now can have access to a free and clear home. No odors. No roaches or rats. Just a nice clean home, and a fresh new start.

Maintaining a clean home is easier moving forward once the home is clean. Sometimes even just following up with help groups or professional services will help you maintain the clarity you need to never hoard again.

National Crime Scene Cleanup Association is here to help. Do not feel embarrassed about letting us into your home to help. This is what our crew is trained and experienced in with helping people struggling with compulsive hoarding disorder. We’re sensitive to all cases and levels of hoarding.

Likewise, if you know someone, like a family member or friend who is suffering from compulsive hoarding, let them know there are companies, such as NCSCA, who are here to help turn their lives around. Reclaim your home, reclaim your life.

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