New York Crime Scene Cleaners

Knowing what to do immediately after a crime can be difficult and overwhelming. It is a very emotional time for the loved ones of the victim and often the first time in their lives that they have ever had to think about what needs to happen after a crime. With more than 20 years of experience in the business, Crime Scene Cleanup has fast become the a leading crime scene cleanup company in Long Island and can step in as needed to take away some of the burden after a crime.

Steps to Follow After a Crime

  • Call 911: The first responders need immediate access to the scene to help the victim and to begin their work to try and identify the perpetrator, if needed. Calling 911 will dispatch police and medical personnel to the scene for immediate help.
  • Evidence and Forensics: Once the victim has been transported to the hospital or in the case of a murder, their body has been removed from the scene, detectives and forensic teams sift through evidence in hopes of building a case against the attacker. This may involve taking pictures, taking fingerprints in the area and looking at blood spatter patterns.
  • Conclusion of the Investigation: Once this evidence collection has been completed, the police and forensics team will let the family know that their job is complete. This can take a few hours or even a few days, depending on the crime and the details of the investigation. Once this happens, you will need to make arrangements for the area to be professional cleaned.
  • Cleaning Up after Long Island Crimes: You are advised to hire a professional crime scene cleanup company who has the cleaning products, equipment, and protective gear to restore the area to safety. A crime scene is a biohazard risk as infection, disease and bacteria can be transmitted if individuals come into contact with the blood, bodily fluids or other remains.
  • Area Restoration: Once the area has been sanitized, disinfected and all biohazard materials have been properly disposed of, Crime Scene Cleanup will provide you with a certificate of completion so that you know that the area is safe for normal use.

Long Island: Crime Scene Cleanup Near Me?

With no experience handling the aftermath of a crime, you may have no idea where to look for a professional Long Island crime scene cleanup company. Fortunately, Crime Scene Cleanup is ready to jump in and help after any crime or trauma and can respond to your need immediately. Give us a call at 1-844-255-2461 if you need us!



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