Nationwide Measles Decontamination Services

Blood Cleanup ServicesThe USA recorded its first Measles Death since 2003 and now another in the spring of 2015. The Washington State Department of Health confirmed that the woman’s death was due to complications related to Measles. She was most likely infected while visiting a healthcare facility at the same time as another patient who was later diagnosed with the Measles Virus. This Highly Contagious Disease is transmitted by Sneezing, Coughing or contact with infected secretions. The measles virus can remain active for up to 2 hours on infected surfaces. Decontamination Experts at Crime Scene Cleanup provide professional nationwide services that prevent the virus from spreading through surface contact.

Highly Contagious Disease

Measles is a Highly Contagious Disease caused by a virus that spreads easily from one person to another through Coughing, Sneezing or Contact with Nasal Secretions. The virus can remain active and contagious for 2 hours on surfaces or objects that have been contaminated by infected materials. Infected Respiratory Droplets can remain active for 1 hour in a small space.

Measles Transmission

  • Direct Contact with infected throat or nasal secretions
  • Skin Exposure from a bite, scratch or needle stick
  • Inhalation of infected respiratory droplets
  • Being splashed with contaminated materials in the eyes, nose or mouth

Measles Risk Factors and Symptoms

Unvaccinated young children are at the highest risk of getting measles and suffering from serious complications, including death. Pregnant women and patients with compromised immune systems are likewise at increased risk for complications pneumonia or miscarriage. With transmission possible several days before the onset of symptoms a greater number of individuals can be exposed.

Measles Symptoms include:

  • High Fever beginning 10 to 12 days after exposure and lasting 4 to 7 days
  • Runny Nose
  • Cough
  • Red Watery Eyes
  • Small White Spots inside of the cheeks
  • Rash on Face and Upper Neck that occurs within 7 to 18 days of exposure to the measles virus
  • Rash Spreads to other areas of the body over a 3 day period

Worldwide Measles Epidemics

Measles Epidemics are still one of the leading causes of death among young children in other countries of the world. Falling vaccination rates are blamed on the recent US outbreaks of Measles such as the one that began at Disneyland and spread across the country. There is no cure for measles. However, a very effective Measles Vaccine has reduced the number of measles deaths by 75% worldwide. As a reaction to the latest measles outbreaks more states are tightening up regulations for vaccinating children who enter into public school systems.

Professional Measles Decontamination

Decontamination Protocols used by Crime Scene Cleanup can eradicate the measles virus when it lives on infected surfaces. Our technicians are highly trained in methods to sanitize and decontaminate environments where the Measles Virus has been detected. Diligence is needed to stop the spread of this Highly Contagious Disease. Crime Scene Cleanup technicians are experts on Decontaminating, Disinfecting and Cleaning Up Infectious Diseases.

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