Odor Removal

Chief among the damages that our company deals with on a week-to-week basis is caused by the odor of decomposition. The stench is unforgiving and unforgettable once experienced and will be a constant reminder to the family or worker of the horror they have endured if any trace is left.

Additionally, the bacteria that causes the odor is often harmful to the health of the living, generating respiratory distress and aggravating conditions like asthma in extreme cases.

This does not come close to encompassing all of the questions a survivor or business owner might have but at least it should offer some insight into the industry that deals with bio-hazard remediation in whatever form it takes.

Crime scenes, scenes of unattended deaths and industrial accidents all present unique challenges and each of them requires professional cleaning personnel equipped to handle those challenges.

If you find yourself in need of such services don’t underestimate the greatest service our technicians and workers provide, that of peace of mind. When the cleaners have departed, despite the tragedy that has taken place, the home or business is safe to live or work in once more.