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When you discover a loved one is struggling with a hoarding situation, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Let the pros handle it.

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Hoarding encompasses a wide spectrum of situations that, when in its extreme, need to be evaluated and addressed accordingly. A home overtaken by hoarding is a public health problem and a threat to one's physical safety.  These situations are potentially fatal and as such need should always be handled as an emergency. 

Extreme hoarding situations involve biohazards--or organisms that pose a threat to human or environmental health. In general, when a living organism is exposed to a biohazard serious permanent or semi-permanent health symptoms and side effects can occur. Direct pathogen contact should be limited to avoid life threatening illness.

The National Crime Scene Cleanup Association (NCSC) is an established biohazard cleaning company of over 20 years. NCSC has seen it all. From extremely cluttered homes to tragedies like homicides and car accidents affect families and communities. NCSC's crews are deeply motivated by being a part of the emergency response units that make a difference for families afflicted by these types of tragedies. NCSC is proud to provide service to all areas of the contiguous United States. Crews are available 24/7/365--including holidays--to respond to all kinds of emergencies.

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Situations NCSC Services

Having combined industry experience for over 20 years, NCSC has addressed hundreds of
hoarding and clutter removal. These situations require professionally trained and certified crews.

  • Hoarding Cleanup in Homes and Apartments

What Standard Hoarding Cleanup Services Entail

It's important to remember that every situation is different and varies in severity depending on the type of situation. Below are some examples of standard hoarding cleanup services provided by NCSC. An NCSC representative will walk you through the exact services required for your case when you call.

Laws and Regulations

A professionally licensed, bonded, and insured biohazard car cleanup company must follow the laws applicable to the occurrence. There are federal, local and/or state requirements that need to be followed depending on the situation.

Full laws pertaining hazardous waste can be found on the respective governmental websites:

Regulations and standards apply to the disinfection, restoration, disposal, and transportation of the waste. It is a full scope job that often requires the assistance of more than one cleaner.

NCSC crews are proudly licensed and trained by all applicable organizations in the areas being serviced.

NCSC's Certifications

Why NCSC is a Top Hoarding Cleanup Company

Rated 5 Stars For Over 20 Years

Our customers come first, always. No one should have to go through this if they don’t have to. Let us make a difference for you.

Our teams of professionals know the seriousness and potential severity of these situations. Whether you were surprised to find a large amount of mold while completing your latest remodeling project or you have lost a loved one recently due to an act of violence (so sorry for your loss), we are here and qualified to help you through these situations and ensure you and the public’s physical and mental wellbeing is protected.

Our service response times are typically immediate or next day for both residential and commercial properties and vehicles.

Although we are not going through your situation directly, we know how tragic and sensitive these circumstances can be. We treat every situation and family with the utmost respect and compassion, hoping that our services can help offer you some peace of mind and safety.

We are considerate to the circumstances that have occurred through no fault of your own. Time is something we can’t get back, don’t waste or make your life more difficult by attempting to clean the situation up personally. The dangers of doing so are potentially traumatic. Trust our thorough, professionally trained staff and know we are equipped to handle the situation efficiently.

Insurance covers most of our services so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. Although each individual policy is different, our compassionate representatives will help try to determine the most affordable solution for you. We work tirelessly to find a way, whether we personally work with your insurance adjuster, seek out helpful victim financial programs, or put in place a payment plan you can afford….don’t look past our services because you don’t think you can afford them; it’s often quite the opposite.

Flexible Payment Options

For your convenience, NCSC accepts several payment options.

Credit or Debit Card

NCSC accepts all major credit or debit cards through a secure third party payment processing vendor, so all of your information stays confidential and encrypted at the highest level throughout the transaction process.


For your convenience, NCSC accepts all checks, banker or otherwise, so long as they are lawfully written and issued by a valid bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rest assured that NCSC staffs professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate representatives able to assist you with any questions you may have, even if your question isn't answered below. Feel free to ask for clarification, express concerns, or ask any additional questions when you call.

1Are hoarding and clutter removal covered by insurance?

It depends on the insurance provider and policy. Please feel free to ask a NCSC representative when you call.

2What is the typical cost of a hoarding cleanup?

Prices range greatly depending on the severity of the situation. As a base number, expect services to start at $2,500 a day. A representative will help give an estimate based on your situation when you call.

3Do you dispose of my belongings?

NCSC crews are well trained to determine items of value and coordinate every step of the way to ensure that nothing of value is discarded.

4How long does a hoarding cleanup take?

The time to do a hoarding cleanup entirely depends on the situation. Most situations take a few days while other severe situations can take several. When you call, a representative will discuss the best option available to you.

5What services do you provide as part of clutter removal?

This is also a situation highly dependent to the situation and the individual's needs. Typically hoarding cleanups involve the removal of clutter, decontaminating and wiping down rooms, spaces, and valuable items.

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