Resources for Victims of Crime

Part of the mission of the National Crime Scene Cleanup (NCSC) is to help restore peace of mind for all victims affected by crime. If this is you or a loved one, below are some resources to help reclaim mental, physical, and emotional health.

Compensation for Victims of Crime

Victims of Crime are relieved to hear that there are programs specifically sanctioned by local and federal governmental programs to assist crime victims. These programs are available on federal and state levels. Compensation eligibility, benefits, and application process depends on the state you're in.

For specific crimes, or mental health resources, hotlines are available. A hotline can also help direct you to additional compensation funds or support groups in your local area.

Paying for Crime Cleanup Services

In addition to resources and funds paid by the criminal and reserved for you by the government, there are many ways to pay for cleanup services. Most often, the majority of the cost is paid for by the homeowner's, property, or renter's insurance. Other times, like in a situation involving a biohazard car, the cleanup is covered through car insurance. Each situation and case varies greatly, so when you call a representative will assist you to find the best option to you.