NYC Crime Clean up

A violent crime hits a family especially hard because of the knowledge of the pain and suffering your loved one felt at the hands of the perpetrator. Regardless of the level of injury, loved ones of the victim struggle with extreme feelings of anger, guilt, sadness and shock after such a traumatic event. If you find yourself in this difficult situation, one thing that you can do to ease the stress a bit is to hire a Long Island crime cleanup company to help restore the affected area to safety so that you and your loved ones can take the first steps toward healing.

Crime Scene Cleanup: Ready to Help When You Need It

Crime Scene Cleanup is made up of a team of professional and experienced crime cleaners specializing in providing violent crime cleanup services in Long Island. We take care of the cleanup from the moment that the first responders, police and EMS leave the scene until the entire affected area is thoroughly cleaned and safe for normal use. Our experienced and certified crime scene cleaners take their job very seriously and strive to give our clients some peace with the services that we provide.

Our team follows the following steps to ensure that the area is fully restored:

  1. Contain the crime scene so others cannot move in/out and risk cross-contamination. Our crew will wear protective gear.
  2. Develop a sanitation and decontamination plan for the area.
  3. Use strong, professional grade cleaning equipment and products to thoroughly clean the area. Repeat as necessary.
  4. Manage all biohazardous materials including blood, bodily fluids, materials in the room that were soiled.
  5. Properly remove and dispose of all biohazardous material properly so no one else is exposed to health risks.
  6. Treat each client and each cleanup job with compassion and discretion.

Compassionate and Affordable Support

Often times, the cost for the comprehensive crime scene cleaning is even covered by insurance, making the cost of the service not generally a factor in these cases. So, hiring a local Long Island crime cleanup company makes sense from all angles. We provide immediate service, often responding to cleanup requests within 24 hours. We understand that after such a difficult time, you and your family need help and support. Let us take this daunting task off of your shoulders. Give Crime Scene Cleanup a call at 1-844-255-2461 for more information or to request a cleanup consultation.

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