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Crime Scene Clean Up

Crime Scene Clean UpOur certified crew of trauma cleanup professionals can provide you with effective and meticulous crime scene clean up services after a homicide, suicide, death, crime or accident, as well as blood cleaning, hoarding environment restoration, infectious disease decontamination, odor removal, mold remediation, meth lab sanitation, tear gas removal, water, sewage and flood cleanup, asbestos abatement and any other type of biohazard cleanup and removal across the nation. We are the local crime scene clean up company near you, with multiple locations and immediate cleaning response availability in each of our 50 U.S. States, with a special focus on the states of New York and New Jersey. If you couldn’t bear the thought of cleaning it, chances are we’ve got certificates that show we’re trained to safely and effectively do so. Our team of national biohazard professionals want to ease your worry, stress, and pain in times like these and guarantee no more harm comes from the aftermath of any tragic or dangerous situations you may find yourself in.

Immediate Crime Scene Cleanup Assistance

It is important to take the correct action when restoring the health of your environment and the best way to ensure that is by contacting our professional biohazard cleanup technicians. Whether you were surprised to find a large amount of asbestos while completing your latest renovation project or you have lost a loved one recently due to an accident or an act of violence, we are here and qualified to help you through a diversity of times, to ensure both your physical and mental wellbeing does not suffer anymore. We offer our immediate cleanup assistance for both residential and commercial properties and vehicles, or certifications are both specific and broad, to ensure whatever type of cleanup you need from us can be completed and restoration guaranteed.

Biohazard & Trauma Clean Up Services:

Crime Scene Cleanup

As our name suggests, we specialize in sanitizing crime scenes. Homicide, manslaughter, suicide, mass murders and any other type of sudden death can be hard to handle, both physically and emotionally for the people left alive. Let us handle the clean up so that you can turn your attention to healing and being close to your loved ones and get a grip on your new reality. You have suffered enough, we can help lessen the responsibility that falls on you at these hard times.

Suicide & Death Cleanup

Death is a hard fact to face for many, especially if you’ve recently lost a loved one and you’re now responsible for the area where their death occurred. Weather you’re dealing with a self-inflicted death, unattended death or an accidental death, each instance can come as a shock; one with major and unforeseen responsibilities. We want to lessen the obligation placed on you by thoroughly sanitizing the location, ensuring it is safe going forward and aiding in the process of getting your life back. Make sure no further detriment comes from these circumstances and contact the death cleanup professional for guaranteed location restoration.

Blood Cleanup

Violent crimes often leave blood behind and along with that blood can come the possibilities of serious diseases. The reason direct contact with any blood but your own is so hazardous is that blood-borne diseases can spread and their symptoms are more than just a runny nose that eventually fades. Living with hepatitis or HIV is a whole new life responsibility on its own, one that has treatments but a cure is hard to come by. Even if you know the risk of diseases is non-existent, blood cleanup is a traumatizing experience all on its own, especially if it maps out the trauma that occurred and the struggles your loved one endured in their last moments of life.

Meth Laboratory Cleanup

Meth is an illegal drug that affects more than the addict and the people close to them, it can also create risky residential and commercial properties, left to the landlord or new property owner’s responsibility. If a location was previously used to manufacture methamphetamine and has not been professional decontaminated, exposure to the toxic residue can result in major health issues, leading to sickness and even death. If you suspect any trace of meth on the walls, ceiling, HVAC system or anywhere else around your property contact us for official meth testing and decontamination procedures.

Tear Gas Cleanup

Cleaning up tear or riot gas is no easy task. This stuff is scientifically created to disable anyone within a close proximity. And although tear gas is only considered a non-lethal chemical agent – it hurts and is used to break up riots on the streets, so you can imagine the damage it can do in an enclosed place. Tear gas is dispersed into the air and then falls to the ground or sticks to any surface it touches and sits there. Attempting to clean tear or riot gas off of walls, buildings, and entire rooms can be a tortuous task, especially without the proper equipment and the correct chemical agent, we’ve got everything needed to eliminate that hard to remove tear gas residue.

Water, Sewage and Flood Remediation

Flood, sewage back-up, storm and water damage will unfortunately be a problem for everyone, at least once in their life and knowing you don’t have to clean it up on your own will make the experience so much easier on you. Our bio-hazard removal and environmental restoration crew will get down and dirty, so you won’t have to. With an added bonus that you’re guaranteed a safe business or home environment once we have completed.

Biohazard Cleanup

Our cleanup technicians have multiple certifications and the correct procedures set in place to appropriately handle, transport and dispose of biohazard materials of all nature, including medical waste pick up and disposal and we offer our bio hazard cleanup services to all US states. Proper handling and care of all biohazard waste will keep future generations safe and the environment healthy. What we do now will affect this planet and our children for years to come.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a naturally occurring fungus but too much of it where you live or work can harm your health. If you need help dealing with a high amount of mold growth in any type of location our mold remediation specialists have the training, procedures, testing and decontamination equipment. Our mold cleanup professionals will effectively eliminate the harmful levels from your home, business or a public location.

Hoarding Cleanup

A hoarding disorder can make daily life difficult. If you are interested in a fresh start but are quite intimidated – our hoarding specialists can help you take control back of your life and your home. Be excited for visitors, have family over more and be confident and happy in the environment you spend a lot of your time in. We can help get you there! We can also help if the responsibilities of a hoarding home has fallen on your shoulders and you don’t know where to begin, your first step should be calling us.

Asbestos Abatement

The fatalities due to asbestos exposure are excessive, which is why many installation companies require asbestos testing of older building materials to be sure this dangerous mineral isn’t a possible threat, prior to removal. If you need asbestos testing, abatement or removal contact our professionals. Don’t think that it can’t be in your home or office because it can easily be present in more than one area of your property. Asbestos becomes a problem when it is disturbed, so before completing that remodel or scraping off the popcorn texture on the ceiling, a quick test could prove beneficial and if it comes back positive, we can safely handle the job.

Vehicle Blood Cleanup

Accidents happen, crimes occur and blood spills. If you’ve experienced a situation that’s left your vehicle in need of more than a general detail, we provide just the service. Our motor vehicle sanitation services can clean blood out of any type of vehicle: car, truck, SUV, semi, train, bus, air plane… if it’s a mode of transportation, we can offer our services. Whether your in law enforcement, working in public transit, EMTs or just a single person that needs blood decontamination so they can continue to drive or sell their personal vehicle – we can assist in the complete restoration of your vehicle.

Crime Scene Clean Up & Death Clean Up Professionals

If you have found your way to our site because of a recent loss, we can’t even begin to understand the pain you’re feeling but we would like to offer you comfort by cleaning up the area in disarray. We are professional, experienced and certified and after our cleanup process is complete and before we leave the location, we issue you a certificate that guarantees the safety of the area where trauma occurred. This is an unforgettable time in your life and we would like to help you through it. Don’t even consider cleaning up a loved one’s blood or struggle, we are here and we will help you find a way to easily afford our services; states have victim crime funds, insurance may also cover it and we will find a way, together. Contact our calm, compassionate and resourceful team for any of our services, you will be glad you did.

Certified Blood, Biohazard, & Crime Scene Cleaners

It takes a certain kind of person to cleanup blood, biohazardous conditions and crime scenes on a daily bases. Most of our team has been in the medical field or are first responders, military personal or firefighters. They have years of experience in dealing with blood and gruesome scenes and want to give their services to others that have not became familiar with such instances. Because of the level of our compassion, you will never find any details or photos of your hard times shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else on the Internet or News – unless it is by you. What has happened in your life will not be shared in anyway by our cleanup team, because it is not our business to share, only to help you. We guarantee you that the loss you have experienced will never became a tool in our marketing strategy, as we are dedicated to our clients and discreet with our services from the first phone call on.

Contact our team of certified crime, biohazard and blood cleaners for guaranteed restoration, discretion and immediate response at 1-844-255-2461 – 24/7/365.