Crime CleanersThere are only a few professions that are set up to respond to a need immediately. The police, paramedics and firefighters are the ones that usually first come to mind, but another group of professionals that must be ready to step in and complete their job at any moment are crime scene cleaners. Professional crime scene cleanup crews must respond to a trauma, accident, crime, suicide or vehicle accident at a moment’s notice and step in to contain and eliminate the biohazard risk left behind. Crime Scene Cleanup is a national leader in crime scene, suicide, and unattended death cleanup with partners in many major cities in the US. If you find yourself managing the aftermath of a trauma or crime against a friend or family member, leave the cleanup to the professionals so you can focus on supporting your loved ones.

The days after a crime, suicide or unattended death are chaotic and difficult. Many individuals dealing with a recent crime or trauma often do not have time to think through what they need to do in a situation like this. Professional crime scene cleaners perform many very important functions after the emergency personnel have done their job. These responsibilities include:

  • Eliminating the dangerous biohazard risk so that infection and disease are not transmitted to others.
  • Removing and disposing of blood, bodily fluids and other remains at the scene
  • Sanitizing the area so that it is safe for future use
  • Restoring the environment so that the family does not have to be faced with lingering images from the crime scene.

Trust Crime Scene Cleanup For Help When You Need It

No one can prepare for the emotional response to a crime, suicide or violent accident that impacts your family. Crime Scene Cleanup can take away the difficult and painful task of crime scene cleanup while you and your family process the recent events and take steps to begin the healing process. Our team has more than 20 years of experience as a professional blood removal company. We use only the strongest and most effective cleaning agents, equipment and our team always wears protective gear to protect them and minimize the possibility of cross-contamination.

We also understand that these circumstances are extremely sensitive and will handle the cleanup with compassion, sensitivity and discretion. Crime Scene Cleanup can respond to your need 24/7, anywhere across the country. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients recover from loss.