New York is a beautiful and magnificent city. Regrettably, numerous New Yorkers lose their precious lives through disastrous road accidents, suicides, homicides and violent crimes. The crime issue is becoming a common problem for many New Yorkers despite our state of the art law enforcement departments. .Losing a loved one without warning can cause chronic depression, anxiety, and trauma to affected families, fortunately, victims of heinous crimes don’t have to endure the trauma of cleaning messed up crime scenes thanks to our highly regarded professional crime scene cleanup industry. More people are getting interested in knowing what crime scene cleanup entails.

Here are the top crime scene cleanup FAQs;

  1. What is crime scene clean up all about?

Crime scene cleanup centers on safer assessment, cleaning, sanitizing and detoxification of contaminated crime scenes. These professional technicians devote their time, resources and focus on helping affected victims or property owners to start their emotional recovery journey. Blood cleanup technicians play a significant part in protecting us from blood-borne infections like HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Professional crime scene cleaners are highly trained, compassionate, efficient, licensed and competitive for customer satisfaction purpose.

  1. Why is crime scene cleaning risky?

Improper handling or disposal of biohazard materials is highly dangerous. Blood cleanup is always left to professional crime scene cleaners for a reason. Doing it yourself can put your family, friends or relatives at risk of highly communicable blood-borne diseases like AIDS, MRSA, and Hepatitis. Working with a leading professional crime scene cleaner is highly advisable for those affected.

  1. How long does crime scene cleanup take?

The duration of Crime scene cleanup is dependent on several factors. A minor or mild crime scene cleanup process can take between 4-10 hours depending on procedures and techniques used. Surprisingly, crime scene cleaning can take up to 48 hours particularly in serious and messy scenarios. At NCSCA, we have an incredible reputation for being fast, efficient and reliable. We accomplish this goal through our high-quality crime scene cleanup services.

  1. Who pays for crime scene cleanup?

Most residents of New York have no clue on who pays for crime scene cleaning services rendered. There are assumptions that the federal government settles all the bills. Well, I got news for you. Crime scene cleaning, blood cleanup, biohazard removal and odor cleanup services are paid by the hiring individuals. The roles of Law Enforcement are to investigate, collect evidence and record all crime scenes. They don’t part with any money as a mode of payment. Crime scene cleanup is your responsibility as a victim or property owner. You can either pay in cash or through your insurance company.

  1. Is crime scene cleanup safe for untrained individuals?

The answer to this common question is NO! Biohazard materials are highly contaminated with dangerous viruses, bacteria, and fungal. Doing it yourself is quite hazardous. Blood cleanup is carried out effectively by professional crime scene cleaning technicians. These professionals have the appropriate training, skills, personal protective equipment, time and resources to guarantee their clients safety.

Do you other questions about crime scene cleanup? National Crime Scene Cleanup Association in New York is at your service.