Several communities in Texas have been devastated by recent storms that seem to keep pounding the area. Massive cleanup efforts are underway. The longer contaminated floodwaters sit stagnant, the worse the damages become.

A certified Storm Water Removal Company has the knowledge and equipment to Evaluate, Cleanup and Restore flooded structures. Experts from Crime Scene Cleanup are TX Flood Remediation Cleaners. We have the manpower and industrial equipment to respond immediately and begin to restore your life to normal.

Flood Damage and Cleanup

Cleaning up after a large storm can be a long and messy process. If your home has flooded the stakes are even higher.

Floodwaters contain contaminants that can make a person very ill and ruin just about anything in prolonged contact with the water. This is where the services of Flood Remediation Cleaners become an urgent matter of safety.

Storm Water Removal Hazards

The presence of storm water in a home brings a number of safety concerns. Mud is sure to be present in basements that have been victim to a flash flooding event. Along with piles of mud come mountains of debris.

There are often hidden hazards such as submerged Electrical Outlets, Sharp Objects and Biohazard Materials including Sewage, Oil, Pesticides and other Chemicals. In the hardest hit areas of Texas where torrential rains turned streams into roaring rivers, widespread structural damage has been reported also.

Storm Damage Restoration

Storm Recovery Teams at Crime Scene Cleanup have undergone specialized training for the Cleanup, Removal, Transportation and Disposal of all Biohazard Materials present in the aftermath of a damaging storm. No matter the size of the storm damage, our technicians offer reliable services to restore the scene to habitable conditions once again.

  • Check for structural damage
  • Identify hidden dangers
  • Develop a plan of action
  • Remove water, mud, muck and debris
  • Dry out wet items to prevent mold growth
  • Clean and sanitize all items that came in contact with contaminated floodwaters using EPA approved disinfectants
  • Properly discard all unsalvageable items
  • Application of professional grade foam or spray cleaners
  • Pressure washing to remove residual cleaning agents
  • Commercial drying equipment to lower moisture content
  • Final evaluation to confirm safe environment for human habitation

Professional Flood Remediation Cleaners

Contact the Professional Flood Remediation Cleaners at Crime Scene Cleanup for the most reliable and efficient cleanup of storm damage. Our team is specially trained and equipped as a storm water removal company.

After the initial damage has been done it is crucial that the cleanup process begin immediately to prevent further damage and destruction. Be safe and call in the experts at Crime Scene Cleanup.

Trust Crime Scene Cleanup for cleaning up after the devastating TX Storms. Call Toll Free at 1-844-255-2461 or fill out our Online Form.