Suicide and Death Cleanup

Traumatic Suicide and Death Cleanup Process

The sight and smell of death is something that anyone will never forget. Aside from the trauma of seeing that kind of mess, the odor is simply too foul that it will leave you gasping for fresh air to find relief. Truly, any death is messy and having to deal with crime scene cleanup business is not a fun job.

A trauma scene cleanup is a specialized service that is provided by a reliable team who has the goods to make a complete restoration of the crime scene. These people are commissioned to take care of the mess right after the police are done with their job in the investigation.

Suicide and Unattended Death

Unlike a crime scene, it is particularly challenging to perform a suicide and death cleanup. The room is not too splattered with blood, but there is a particularly heavy air that surrounds the room. It is the suicide cleanup team’s duty to minimize that gloomy atmosphere by upholding the importance of making the room sparklingly clean to somehow lessen the reminders of the untimely death.

After a suicide incident, an array of activities is to be done to identify the cause of death before declaring that no crime has been committed in the room. Once they are done, the family is left with the trouble of dealing with the death of their member and it does not help that they will also take care of the death cleanup.

This is where crime scene cleaners come in the picture. Aside from tidying up crime scenes, they are also well- trained to perform an unattended death cleanup. Suicide and death cleanup is almost the same with any biohazard cleanup in the sense that the purpose is to remove all the traces of death including blood stains and smell. In a crime scene, media people are allowed to peep in but in the case of suicide, the team must also consider the privacy needs of the family and that confidentiality of the matter must be contained in the death scene.

A suicide cleanup can be considered as an emotional activity because of the questions left to the family. While the trauma clean up services does not cover the psychological needs of the surviving members of the family, they contribute a lot in ensuring that the messy picture of the death scene will be removed and what will be left in the room are good memories of the dead.

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