November 1, 2016
Who cleans up crime scenes?

Who cleans up crime scenes? Police, EMTs or coroners… or someone else entirely.

As television shows like Law and Order and CSI, continue to get more and more popular, the audience watching these shows think that they understand what happens at a murder scene. At first, crime scene, personnel and law enforcement officials have to work together to secure the area where the crime is committed, and then they collect evidence. One big question remains unanswered: Who cleans up after a murder? Learn More.
June 17, 2016

A Day in the Life of a Crime Scene Clean up Company

crime scene cleanup companyCrime scene cleanup is one of those jobs that you may not hear about a whole lot, but if you do the idea definitely has your attention. Needless to say working for a crime scene cleanup company is always a conversation starter with those that we meet and ask about our profession. While it may not be as “exciting” as police work and crime investigation it is needless to say an interesting job. At times it can be disheartening and at other somewhat interesting. Just about anything tragic or unsettling to the stomach that police officers and sometimes even medical examiners get to see on a daily basis can also be found running across our path. There is a lot of blood cleanup involved, and sometimes thing get even messier than that, so it's not a job for the squeamish. Read Full Post
March 1, 2016

Connecticut Crime Scene Cleaning

crime scene cleaning connecticutWhen faced with overwhelming and far-reaching consequences of a crime, you may be asked to make important decisions as part of the process that you have never had the opportunity or need to even consider. These decisions will be necessary during an extremely difficult and emotional time for you and your family. Read Full Post
October 1, 2015

Miami Crime Scene Cleaners

Florida Experienced Crime CleanersThe crime scene clean up profession has changed a lot over the last decade and Crime Scene Cleanup has led the way in the business of crime cleanup in Miami, FL. Our company has become the premier crime cleanup company in Miami and the surrounding area. Crime Scene Cleanup offers a wide variety of cleanup services including blood cleanup, suicide cleanup, death or homicide cleanup and accidental injury cleanup in the Florida area. Read Full Post
August 6, 2015

Suicide Hotel Cleanup Las Vegas NV

Hotel Suicide Cleaners Las VegasSuicide is a sign of extreme stress with several other risk factors involved. The repercussions of suicide are felt by grieving family members, friends, employers and those involved in the discovery and cleanup. Las Vegas, NV is known as the Suicide Capital of the country. For reasons not completely known people come to the Las Vegas strip on a one way mission to end their life. Read Full Post
July 23, 2015

Atlantic City Crime Scene Cleaning

New Jersey Crime CleanersHeadlines in newspapers and lead-stories on local news will certainly get people’s attention. But the necessary cleanup that occurs after a violent crime or hazardous spill almost never does. Cleaning up after such events, however, is vital to restoring order to a home, a business, and/or a community. The hazards associated with crimes, chemical spills, bodily fluids, and countless other frightening possibilities require care and attention... Read Full Post
April 23, 2015

Crime Scene Cleanup Darby PA

No matter what city or state you live in, unfortunately there will always be assaults, murders, rapes, etc. As a result of this, there will always be a need for violent crime cleanup or even murder cleanup. Whether it’s Upper Darby, PA or any other city in the country, crimes will happen... Read Full Post